Women Helping Women- Selita Ebanks wants your money.

Now, it has been a pretty exciting week, what with working on racing events and book promotion and HollaDay Gift Guides, and then going to the Origins #SmilesGuaranteed party at Peels on Monday…


But today broke some kind of barrier.

I was invited to the Women Helping Women fundraising luncheon by Deborah Hughes Inc. Now at first I said I didn’t have any money (I don’t) but then they said, no- come as media so I said yes. Who wouldn’t? I know that I’m god at telling stories and reaching eyes, so it was a win-win. I didn’t expect to meet model Selita Ebanks, nor did I expect to be moved to tears about her passion for bringing clean water to sub-saharan Africa.





So. Here are 2 pretty photo of Miss Ebanks wearing a Carlos Miele jumpsuit. Hopefully this photo will motivate you to make an angel’s wish come true…

DSCF2849 DSCF2907

Please support the Voss Foundation, and help women and children get fresh water to drink. It’s sooo simple. All you have to do is got to http://www.thevossfoundation.org, or email  info@thevossfoundation.org.

Water is Life, support the efforts to bring clean water to women and children everywhere.

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