Event: In Which We Go To Beautypress’ #SpotlightDay Part 1


I got invited to this a month ago and have been fidgeting with anticipation for the last four weeks. Beautypress is the resource that beauty editors use to find the next lifesaving product for beauty fans everywhere. They had a super lineup of brands to present and I was so there for all of it!

My first stop was the complimentary mani table. Primp and Polish set up  a light filled insta-spa on location with sick uv dryers that set the gel manicures in seconds. I got a light blue polish with polka dot pattern. I am going to admit right now that I only let them do one nail, because I have no patience at all. I really like doing my own nails (now that i know how) so it’s hard to let anyone else do them. It was cute, though. And I  got a sample of  Dazzle Dry nail & cuticle oil, which I’ve been using all week. My cuticles are gorgeous.

After grabbing a hibiscus cocktail, I went to check out the Eaudeluxe.com perfume bottle display. Gorgeous vintage bottles, some made by Baccarat and Lalique.

It was like a little glass oasis.

After that I headed over to meet Private Rx. This was a real eye opener, so It’s good that I had a little r & r in the pretty perfume land.

Most beauty brands address the areas of concern on your face, but Private Rx is way more concerned with what’s between your legs. Developed by gynecologist and surgeon Dr. Ronald D. Blatt, Private RX is a collection of intimate skin care that addresses a woman’s most private area. The brand’s Cooling Pads and Soothing Serum are for post waxing and shaving, and help to  prevent ingrown hairs. I need these.

On a deeper level, there’s an Internal Vaginal Moisturizer that can provide menopausal women with 3 days of vaginal moisture. And because age is nothing but a number in 2016, there’s a Personal Vaginal Lubricant, for those deep meaningful encounters. I’m kind of fascinated, because of all the things I’ve received, vaginal moisturizer has never been in my goodie bag.

So loving Beautypress right now.

I got to spend some quality time with the Curl Keeper team (I actually featured them in my Winter Haircare Roundup) face to face, which is always nice. When you meet people at events like Spotlight Day, you really get to see how excited they are about their products. Founder Jonathan Torch was nothing is not extremely knowledgeable about curls, curl texture, cutting curls, moisturizing curls, and using products like Curl Keeper’s Styling Cream (which contains enriching lecithin) to create beautiful styles with curly hair.

He is literally obsessed with your curly hair and put a lot of work into creating a collection to address every need. Torch even came up with  Beach Mist to help coily lasses achieve the boho/beachy look that has long been promoted for straighter haired peeps. And, my fave, an award winning H2O Water Bottle that acts as a mister, so when you’re styling you can just add a little water to re-activate and rehydrate your twirly hair. Genius.

I have about 5 more brands to talk about, but it’s gorgeous out and I have to get ready to play kickball. Part 2 coming soon!


xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian




The Best 17 Charcoal Masks Ever

The Best 17 Charcoal Masks Ever

Face mask

Dry skin care
$3.77 – newchic.com

May Lindstrom face mask
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Clinique face mask

Peel mask
$3.60 – newchic.com

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Overall Gorgeousness....

The Hottest Blue Shadows for Spring and Summer

The Hottest Blue Shadows for Spring and Summer

Chanel blending brush

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Isaac Mizrahi eyeshadow

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$11 – next.co.uk

Artist’s Statement

Artist's Statement

WithChic white pants
$36 – withchic.com

Canvas bag

Pomellato rose gold jewelry
$2,990 – harrods.com

Marc Jacobs earrings
$58 – harveynichols.com

1920s jewelry

Skull cap

Mac cosmetic

Weekly Photo Challenge: Jubilant



Jubilation? Attending an event where they thoughtfully put hibiscus flowers in your fizzy rose beverage. Or, it could be knowing that you could drink every glass of bubbly on the bar if the spirit moved you and not have to wash the glasses yourself.

It’s the little things, you know?

xoxo, Faith/SassyEthnicBohemian

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