Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion

wpc post Movement 2

I took two different views of this week’s movement challenge:

 Implied and Metaphorical Movement: wpc post Movement

These images are my movement under and past a flowering tree on a bright Spring day. You can see my movement in the background of the image and the shifting direction of light. There’s also the implied metaphorical movement of time- winter to spring, bare branches to blooming, day to night, life to death… So now it’s a whole thing.

Documentation of Movement:

wpc post Movement 2

This is a document of movement. This is my Phillip Lorca- diCorcia moment. Glaring mid-day sunlight casts a spotlight across a Manhattan street, capturing New Yorker’s mid-step. It’s a moment, and when those people move out of the frame and are gone, that’s a whole other movement. And funnily enough, there are four pairs of people, and in one pairing one person is stopped and another is moving, so that pairing juxtaposes two states of being.

This is why I am in debt for photography school. Thank you. Please buy some SEB Merch so I can pay back my loan.

xoxo, Faith/ Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

in which we go to the Real Simple Lifestylers press preview for #RSBEAUTYBALANCE at the Andaz Hotel


Completely unexpected email invite of the year on deck!

It came quietly, with little fanfare. It was simple (Real Simple, lol!) and minimalist in design. It blew my whole head apart for the rest of the day and left me all nervous until the day came or me to attend. Someone actually invited me to a magazine event. This was like that time that someone gave me free sneakers- a whole next level situation.

Let’s all jump up and down squealing, ok?


Real Simple magazine’s site Real Simple Lifestylers  decided to have a pop-up at the Andaz Hotel on 41st Street and I was selected to attend the press-preview the day before. Selected guests were going to feel all the feels so we could tell those of you who missed it. I went to an afternoon of pampering for YOU, ok? Yes.

And I took lots of photos…


When I registered for the event, I was sent straight to a link to start signing up for beauty services. I figured I should do everything so that I could give a fair assessment of the experience and the products used, not to mention how I felt about it all. This is a photo of the Aveda Hairstyling Studio, my first stop. rsbb2

I had actually decided to cut off about two inches of hair the day before, feeling that I had too many lengths going on uptop. I made sure to arrive with clean hair so that I could get the best results from my 30 minute appointment. Luckily for me, I got celebrity hair stylist Tippi Shorter (she has actually done Jennifer Hudson’s hair!!! ) and we had a blast working together.


Tippi asked me how I normally liked to wear my hair, and when I explained that I normally plait and then let it free to curl riotously, she knew exactly what to do. She parted my hair and did two strand twists after working in some Aveda phomollient styling foam, then applied heat via a 5-minute blow dry. After picking out the twists (she left one as an accent on the side) Tippi rubbed in Aveda dry remedy daily moisturizing oil, which left my hair soft and shiny. Even if your hair is natural, that doesn’t mean no maintenance. Products like these leave your strands moisturized and fragrant, always a good thing.


After leaving Tippi’s chair, I headed right over to the Aveda Chakra Balance station, where I had my cards read, and then was misted with the Chakra 3 balancing body mist and given a healing shoulder massage. This treatment catered to inviting a balance in power, motivation, intention and desire in my life.


Loving these gorgeous flower arrangements sprinkled throughout the light-filled treatment rooms…notto mention the copies of Real Simple magazine all over the place!


They weren’t ready for me at my next appointment, so I hung out in the lounge, which was absolutely gorgeous. Ceramic cups for tea, lots of tea bags and different sweeteners and lemon wedges awaited. There wasn’t any food, but there were these elegantly mismatched knives, so hope was alive that something good was coming later.


I started getting bored so I just wandered around taking photos with my Samsung S5 Active cameraphone until the were ready for me…   rsbb6a

Once they had an opening I headed over to the Laura Geller Mini-Makeover salon, where I chose to get a refresh on my lipstick.


After that it was time to motorvate to my next appointment, A Pure Barre exercise class. I’ve been working on my weight loss resolution, but I exercise on my own. I was really nervous about taking a class, but also excited about learning new toning and fat burning tricks.


Loving this view from the second floor of the Andaz Hotel. yes- that’s the library where Big stood Carrie up.


I was super tired after getting up at 5am to bake cookies and deliver samples before the event, but with my new Aveda hairstyle, my chakras balanced, and my lips touched up by the Laura Geller team- I was ready to jump in there and do some working out. At least until I saw the pile of sweaty towels and the stuff on the yoga mats. Hello? I thought this was a photo op workout?

rsbb91 Um- not so much. Our instructor, Mish led us into a 45 minute whirl of moves that left me limp, sweaty, and profoundly grateful that I had started working out and walking before this class. And I STILL Had to rest. We used everything on the mat, worked every part of the body, and I think I would do the Pure Barre  again. I just need a second to rest and think about it.


I made a beeline back to the refreshment lounge and found all this. Hope rewarded!!! I put together some crusty bread slices with olive tapenade, goat cheese, and roasted peppers, loaded up on brie and crunchy pita slices then remembered something very very important:


Wine and Ghirardelli chocolate tasting on fleek!!!!  yes, I took a snack to sustain me on my long walk from the lounge to the kitchen. But this pic is so cool- port wine paired with Sea Salt Soiree was divine.


I so want to try this arrangement under glass. Simple and gorgeous oh hey, copies of Real Simple mag!


Once I got myself settled I had all this. Oh, I forgot to mention the SUJA juices that they handed us after the Pure Barre class. I at my self down, grabbed a copy of Real Simple and loafed for a few minutes- until I remembered that I had a skincare appointment with RoC scheduled. I drank all the wine before I got up and ran down the hall, though. I’m not completely insane.


I ran into the RoC Skincare Lab and was invited to lay down on a white leather divan, as I have always dreamed of doing, and enjoy myself. My skin was cleansed with RoC Daily Resurfacing Discs (a whole tub for $9.99! #bargain!) then she did a lot of stuff that I enjoyed throughly, like massaging my face and putting Deep Wrinkle serum on it. I can’t do eye cream for any reason, it gives me headaches- but RoC does have a good one.


I grabbed some more Ghiradelli chocoloate squares and another SUJA juice on my way out, said my thank yous, then ran across the street to hang out in front of the library and poke through my goodie bag.

Sit down, this is epic goodie bag stuffing.


Yes. This happened. Yogi Tea (gone, drank ’em up), Ghirardelli dark chocolate, the Suja Juice Solution Book, The Real Simple Guide To Life, cute You Are Loved stickers from Pink Olive, Aveda hand lotion, thickening tonic styling spray, and samples of their  smooth infusion straightening cream (get your free samples here). The also threw in a fun graph paper notepad, Laura Geller tropical blush-n-brighten compact, full-sized bottle of RoC Skincare Deep Wrinkle Serum (yaaaaassss!!!!), Real Simple 15th Anniversary issue, Pure Barre high-waisted 3-in-1 Gemini capris (invaluable, can’t stop wearing them), and a pack of Aloha Daily Good Greens superfood powders (i already used two of them making smoothies; get 20% off of our using the code  SAMAKOU)


I picked up Neutrogena naturals makeup remover wipes and this SUJA green juice after my Pure Barre class. I’ve already started cooking with the Ghirardelli Twilight Delight chocolate– I made an easy mole sauce by adding chopped chocolate and crushed red pepper flakes to a pot of roasting chicken breast (inspired by this Real Simple recipe)


Oh my! A ceramic bee hive with an Aspen Bay bamboo lotus scented candle inside #love. Speaking of love? Check out this heart shaped Konjac cleansing sponge from One Love Organics! I’m really looking forward to playing with it, followed by a moisturizing dose of RoC Skincare Deep Wrinkle serum.

*GIVEAWAY: If you’re interested, I’m giving away the Real Simple Beaute with a copy of the 15th Anniversary issue of Real Simple Magazine and a copy of The Real Simple Guide to Life (lots of good advice for people just starting out on their own). email me at sassyethnicbohemian@gmail.comwith one great thing that reading Real Simple has done for you.

Next up: BooHoo Man aw2015 press preview

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

in which i just talk about stuff that happened in march and april #seinfeldianpost


I feel like there’s been too much excitement around here. Interviews, and events, and deliveries… I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea. I’m just as boring as I ever was. Maybe even more!

Basically- I don’t want this to ba a ‘fashion’ blog, but a ‘stuff i like and do’ journal. Know what I mean? So while there are some exciting things coming up,. I feel like we need to get reaquainted with the more boring aspects of life.

 Walking in the street:street

This is stuff that I saw while walking in the street in Brooklyn. The 711 sign was the catalyst for heartbreak- as I ran in there and attempted to purchase the $2 deal only to find that I had grabbed a SUPER Big Gulp cup and disqualified myself. Total loss? $2, and I had a tummy ache later.


I really like this sign.

 Products, products, products:products

Here is a secret: I have a lot of products in my house. Sometimes? I collect them and photograph them and post a roundup. This was the skincare roundup. I like to take pics like this to show that I work really hard on my blog.  Then I go play with the products and generally spend a lot of time hanging out in the bathroom pampering myself.

Just so you know, I really and truly do use the stuff that people send me, like this Calgon Parisian Charm bodywash which powered a great many bubble baths before it was finished. I kind of want to get some more.


These got me through the winter. Especially that Karelen Sultry Black Castor Oil hand & body cream, which left my skin moisturized and gleaming. It’s like $5.99… febmrchgiveawaysI gave some stuff away, even though I didn’t talk about it. I gave one person these false eyelashes in February, and someone else got this Clarity MD acne treatment kit and my last tube of Bullet Acne Aid.

Why not, right? They asked, I gave, done deal.



It snowed…in March. Of course I refused to go outside, and ended up Vitamin D deficient which is not life threatening exactly, but I have to take a pill a week and go outside for 15 mins a day now.

Who knew?

I spent a lot of time hanging out in the house listening to music on my Samsung S5 Active. I’ve been using this Stylinity Selfie Stage to hang the phone off of- it’s got a suction cup and a little kickstand.


I had a massive fight with the post office because not only have packages not been showing up; once they actually delivered an empty envelope wrapped in a plastic bag that said ‘We’re Sorry’. They ripped open mail, and lost my Vistaprint business cards. I had to go online and complain vehemently.

But while the USPS didn’t bother to apologize, Vistaprint did. They actually re-sent the cards, a mere $5 order, and sent it UPS at no extra charge to me. That’s really stellar service.


I did some blogging and file organizing using my trusty Asus (which is getting glitchy, but I can’t let go) and the UME Drive bracelets they gave me. 8gb, equals color coordinated storage that I can wear if I need to. #nice


I put on a scarf and did some housecleaning. I didn’t really need the scarf? But I was bored. I did my laundry and washed my fave pink beanie and the seams unraveled on the top so I ended up with what could have been a scarf. I sewed it back up later on. About a month or so later. I mean, it was not the most urgent situation.


This was the beginning of the Spring Cleaning which has been going on for weeks. I started in March. technically I finished, but then I get more boxes or something gets dusty or the tub is dirty so then you’re right back where you started.



This was my Valentine’s Day backdrop from February. I decided that March was no longer time for lovey dovey hearts, so I decided to do a new backdrop.backdrop2

This is why I have a teacup full of crayons. I decided on flowers because even if there was snow on the ground, I knew that Spring would eventually come…toys in april

Then I bought this Easter Chick. He has a little solar panel in his shell and when you put him in the window he dances. He makes this cool ticking noise like a clock, too. I love my Easter Chicky. Then I found these weird toys in the street. They’re kind of ugly, but interesting. They made for a good snapchat photo. I don’t really sue snapchat that much? I just send random shots every so often.


These are some cookies I made for someone. They are Triple Coconut Drops- coconut flour, coconut sugar, and shredded coconut. I’m still working out different and new cookie recipes, but she ended up really liking them. I might add them to my Etsy later.


I baked some cookies to give away for my birthday month: Chocolate Chip and White Chocolate Chip with Candied Ginger.


So of course that was a project, too. Packing the cookies up, prepping the bags, and then running around dropping them off.


I decided on my big red Kensie Clothing cardigan, a Uniqlo silk and cotton shift dress,  my LL Bean True Shape jeans, and my brand new Cat Footwear Squander boots.  I threw on two Shop Jacqueline Rose necklaces, included the Aries necklace that she sent for my birthday. cokkiepuss4

I felt like an Aries Christmas Elf.


It got warm out- so I started walking in the park in the mornings. There’s a track a few blocks from my house, so conveniently located that I kick myself for not starting sooner.

the dead plant

Remember this plant? It’s dead now. I managed to kill an air plant.

That pretty much brings us up to date.

Next up: Real Simple Lifestylers Beauty & Balance event at the Andaz Hotel

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

NY Fashion Blogger Project: Robert Max Twitty of Gents Among men



This was a complete surprise. I went out on a freezing cold night to a fragrance event and met a dapper young man with a an amazing sense of humor. It turned out that I was talking to no less than Robert Max Twitty, who happens to be the brains behind Gents Among Men…and the guy who was once voted Most Stylish New Yorker by Time Out NY.

Sassy Ethnic Bohemian: First things first: how and why did you start blogging?

Robert Max Twitty: As my style started to mature I found myself wanting to dress like the men I always admired as a child, but I didn’t have the budget to do so. I started thrifting a lot and found clothes that were discounted but in still good condition. I read articles on which classic menswear items to buy, what to say to your tailor, and how to put together a classic wardrobe.

I took that knowledge,applied and decided to pass it along to my peers. I received my BA in marketing and advertising and while I was trying to find  job in the field it seemed impossible, so i started blogging as a creative outlet but also a way for me to  interact with brands and agencies that I once reached out to for a job.

SEB: What would you say was your lucky break as a blogger?

RMT: My big break was winning a Most Stylish New Yorker contest for Time Out NY. People had to vote for their favorite instagrammer in order to be featured in the magazine. The competition was stiff, honestly. I mean if you think about how large Instagram is and to be one of the top 10 was a great feeling. Actually winning was amazing. This was around the second year of me starting the blog, and to get that acknowledgement was an honorable feeling.


SEB: I really love how you put things together. At what age did you start noticing fashion and style?

RMT: Fashion was something I noticed due to my uncle and father, but style I noticed it once I reached high school. That was the time I experimented a lot with various outfits to see what worked for me.

SEB: Who are your biggest and most enduring influences?

RBT: My family. My close friends are like my family, so that’s why I  just say family. My family knew who I was then, but RESPECT who I am now, and to them there isn’t a difference. I still stand behind the same moral code as I did when I wore FUBU. They influence me to be better man and to always try to be a healthy influence towards my peers.


SEB: I went out with someone who not only refused to do facials, but shunned all grooming products. What’s your advice to girlfriends who want to introduce some male grooming to the relationship?

RMT: Well first I want to say good for you, that you are not with that person anymore. Men (and those who are dating men) need to understand grooming has been around for centuries. It is not a “homosexual” or “metrosexual” act for being well-groomed. Yes, some people are a bit extreme when it comes down to it, but overall, being groomed is a sign of taking care of yourself.

If you want to introduce grooming into the relationship, find a way where it doesn’t make the man feel uncomfortable. Try giving him a manicure instead of saying he should get one. Compliments work wonders for anyone’s ego, especially men. Tell him how great his facial hair looks trimmed down, or how well his skin looks after you introduced him to that new cleanser.


SEB: Where do you see Gents Among Men in say, 5 years?

RMT: Bigger and Better. That sounds generic, but because I am from St. Louis (the Show Me State) I was always taught to “Show and Prove.

SEB: What is the main message that you want to impart to your readers?

RMT: Don’t talk about unity if you aren’t ready to UNITE. I hear all of the time people say, we should work together and stick together but rarely offer a helping hand. I started the #GentsUnited™  series on the site as a way to highlight creative and stylish individuals regardless of their social media followers. The point I am making is understand when things are bigger than you and try to at least help someone reach their goals in some way.

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

Newsbreak: Things I missed- #KiplingMakeHappy, Tata Harper and Nina Garcia at Lord & Taylor…

Kipling Make Happy

Sometimes the best events are the ones you missed…

Nina Garcia at Lord & Taylor:


So, I find out that Marie Claire creative director and  Project Runway star Nina Garcia is gonna be at Lord & Taylor on a day that I’m going to be in the city. I run on eventbrite and get my ticket. I never go. I heard it was awesome. They talked about shoes.

Tata Harper debuts Spring products:

IMG_20150410_033407 IMG_20150410_033528

I missed the Nina Garcia event because I saw these photos on twitter. I work with the pr company that reps Tata Harper, and they were tweeting from the launch of her spring 2015 products. I just froze. It was a nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! moment. The little cocktails with the peapod garnish finished me. I just went home.

Screenshot_2015-04-10-15-58-49 Screenshot_2015-04-17-10-04-05

I know it’s dumb to be jealous? But I really love those products and I was like, why? why? why? So I wrote to my pr contact and was like why? why? why? Anyway. Tata Harper has new products for the spring.

Kipling Make Happy: 

Kipling Make Happy
Photo by Patrick Macleod

Earlier THAT VERY SAME DAY! Backpack brand Kipling (you know, with those cute monkey keychains?) had an event that I had rsvp’d to late for. Obviously that is not stopping me from talking about it.

MisterWives Make Happy Truck 1
Photo by Patrick Macleod

Indie band Mister Wives helped the company to promote the #KIPLINGMAKEHAPPY campaign, which seemed to revolve around just giving people free treats. That’s my kind of campaign!

KiplingMakeHappy Truck
Photo by Patrick Macleod

Kipling drove all over New York in this pink truck creating ‘playful acts of generosity’ which Julie Dimperio (the president of their Kipling North America) explains that ‘Kipling‘s mission is to make happy, and for our customers that means our colorful and whimsical products’.


Like these adorable and happy making sneakers…

#KiplingMakeHappy Launch with MISTERWIVES
#KiplingMakeHappy Launch with MISTERWIVES photo by Paul Porter BFA

A select group were invited to a glittery performance by Mister Wives. Refreshments were served. Since we weren’t there, here’s a Mister Wives video to sustain us all:

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Early Bird.”

I have never been an “Early Bird.” But lately I started a walking regimen and now I’m up before daylight…

Instead of lolling around until noon, this is what I see:20150416_064133

I’m so lucky to have a window that faces east!

Going out walking gives me a chance to look around more:





The early bird gets the shot, lol!

xoxo, Faith / Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

Lucky Community styling post featuring animal prints for ss2015 (rawr!)


So the prompt for Lucky Community came and it was all about animal print, since that is the new neutral (that’s what they said).  I ran in the closet and the delivery pile and started styling…

Outfit 1:

1 1a 1b

I figured I’d start with a casual outfit, perfect for school or work. This is pretty easy to pull off and the white pant is comfortable and a great piece to mix patterns around. This outfit has checks, stripes, and print- but you really don’t feel it…
Outfit 2:
This look was inspired by all the festival style tweets I was seeing last week. I loved mixing the colors, but also how easy this is- jump out of bed, grab pieces, dress, leave- done. Those boots are super comfortable by the way, and cut to conform to the shape of your foot.
calvin klein shortsleeve animal print sweater
ann taylor a-line skirt with slit pockets
Outfit 3:
3a 3b 3c
This may be my fave because of the humour involved. Very proper lady wears gold oxfords and a bucket hat!!! This is also the most personal look, since most of it is thrifted. It’s my smartass punk dowager look resurfacing, lol!
green bucket hat, $7 on Fulton Street in Brooklyn
vintage leopardskin cardigan (Monk Thrift Store, NY)
harve benard white cotton shortsleeved blouse (thrift)
black silk pleated skirt (thrift)
marc jacobs daisy solid perfume pin/pendant (limited edition)
lisa hoffman link bracelet with fragrance pendant (limited edition)
Next up: recap of Mar/April because I miss talking about nothing
xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian