Event: in which we go to see Cat Footwear’s ss2016 collection and get a great surprise


catYay! I love Cat Footwear, as you guys may have guessed, and it was exciting to be invited to their ss2016 preview. In the two years since my first Cat Footwear event so much has change, not least the style/design of the shoes. I couldn’t wait to see what they were going to have for next Spring.  cat1I kept it simple (when do i not?) with LL Bean jeans, a longsleeved tshirt from Uniqlo, and my Southern Tide summer cardigan. The little extras were a pirate necklace from Jade & Jasper, my Red Nite Anchor Bracelet from Milton John (use the code faith10 for a discount!) and of course my Cat Footwear Fueled boots. Raspberry beanie, too.

cat2I also tried out my new Kure Bazaar Kale nail polish for the first time. I wanted to see if the eco-friendly varnish was a cool at it seems, and how long will it last without chipping? Here’s the verdict: with no topcoat, two coats of polish lasted fairly unchipped until Wednesday until Tuesday, when I decided to wipe it off for a new manicure. I love the color, a deep serious green called Kale. cat3

On the way to WeWork on 40th, I got a free chocolate sample and had to run inside Royce’s chocolate boutique opposite Bryant Park to buy a box. It was the incredibly indulgent Nama Chocolate in Champagne, and it was so good that I didn’t mind parting with $18 for a box of 20 pieces. What was even better is that if you were willing to do a little social media on the spot, they threw in a box of their Nama Matcha chocolate. I was all over that.  cat4When I finally made it over to WeWork where Cat Footwear was hosting this year’s soiree, It was decked out with the latest in footwear trends. Mannequins in relaxed, urban flavored streetwear gave an idea to the types of clothing that you’d think about wearing your new footwear with. I loved the new iteration of Colorado workboots with craquelure floral embellishment, and punk inflected polkadots with spiked boot jewelry. Rugged and sweet, tough and tender all in one boot.

I am desperately in love with this new foray into athletic footwear! It’s for men, but, hello gender equality!, I want a pair badly.  cat7Of course the sandals were completely on point. I really liked the fringe mocca/sandal hybrid- a definite must for ss2016.  cat8Love pastel? Then you’re in luck because Cat is offering an array of styles in sorbet shades. Whether you’re into boots or wingtip shoes, they got you, boo. cat9

These are hot. The Willa Canvas delights by combining a southwest flavor into mid-heel stacked boot that will look amazing peeping out from under flares, or culotte overalls. cat91The Cheyenne’s leather on leather with studs look caught my eye immediately. An easy wear, something that you can jump into on a summer morning and pair with jorts or a mini. Like little cowboy boots, with a punk edge. I love how slim and narrow the Cat shoes and boots have gotten, it’s a richer more expensive look. cat5AW2016 styles were on display as well, including my favorite Corinne Boot, the first pair I ever got from Cat Footwear and I still have them. I really like these shearling lined Hub Fur Boot ($140) available now. It’s really cute, and seeing as how people are flocking to snap up ‘heritage brand’ winter boots? You might want to order yours today.  cat92I ran into two bloggers from my NY Fashion Bloggers Project! Jamal Jackson of Style Society Guy and Robert Max Twitty of Gents Among Men, both looking sharp as usual. With them is Danielle of She’s A Gent, a menswear inspired blog with a California sensibility.

 Yes, people were playing ping pong. cat93

People were also sipping delicious Liberated Wine, a vineyard from Santa Rosa, California. Available in Cabernet Suvignon, Suvignon Blanc, and my personal favorite Pinto Noir, the wine’s labels added an element of stylish fun to the bar’s display of Cat Footwear. Along with a spicy glass of Pinot, I had an array of appetizers whose delicious simplicity allowed me to take a second and kick back. prosciutto Pinwheels, Buffalo Mozzarella with pesto dipping sauce and Mozzarella Tomato Skewers drizzled with honey balsamic vinegar were refreshing and hunger-stopping at the same time. Did I mention how good that Pinot Noir from Liberated Wine was? Oh. Well, it was really good.  cat94 I took a second to admire my new Howndog Dot Colorado work boots (so 90s!) while eating, drinking and charging my phone with my Panasonic Travel Charger. I always seem to leave the house when my phone is in the yellow warning zone. Not sure how that happens. This can charge two phones, and it’s been saving my butt since I got it. cat96 Once I was sufficiently fortified with wine and food and shoes, I made my way home. It was a warma nd perfect fall night outside of Bryant Park. So New York! One of those times when the place reminds you of what magic looks like. cat95

The next morning, I got up to shoot my OOTD (ok, I’m lame- but I got dressed in 5 mins and didn’t take a selfie because I was already gonna be late), and I was going through my Cat Footwear booklet when I spied my name! My AW2014 Shoe Roundup was featured! Which made me super happy, because style is one thing- but I love having my actual writing and photography rewarded.



Next up: Fall Fitness Resolution update

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy Place


The happiest place in Brooklyn,  my apartment. Most specifically my bed. It’s the place where I dream and plan. It’s an environment free of strife, because I live by myself. My apartment has my bathtub and refrigerator in it, so basically it’s paradise.

xoxo, Faith /Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

Beauty: in which we talk about new looks (and new products from Aveda, Kure Bazaar, Tata Harper, and more)


New season, new you! Every fall, as temperatures drop and you now know that your makeup won’t sweat down your cheeks and that you won’t be wiping your eyeshadow off while mopping sweat from your precious brow, it becomes time to look forward to buying and trying new makeup. I have some thoughts, let me share them!

  1. Blue:
    fBB1If you can only spurge on one type of item, make it blue. That is the strongest color trend/update. And it actually does work on all shades of skin. I have 5 suggestions for your blues:1. Kevyn Aucoin Eye Shadow Duo in Taupe/Blackened Blue Shimmer ($42), you can do an amazing smokey eye, line the inner eye with the taupe. Silky powder, fun to work with. 2. Measurable Difference Amplifying Liquid Eyeliner in black pearl (9.99) has a blue shimmer to it, also supposed to pump up those lashes with Regena. 3. Makeup Forever Aqua Matic Glide-On Eyeshadow in Irridescent Blue ($22) use a little as a liner or accent, draw a cateye, do whatever you want- this easy to use pencil has incredible color and staying power. 4. Xtreme Lashes by Jo Mouselli Glideliner in Midnight Blue ($21.75) a true midnight blue, goes wonderfully with gold, great as eyeliner or shadow. 5. Aveda Petal Essence Eye Definer in Delphinium ($17) great for a smudgy, slept in eye.

2. Ultra HD and  bold lip:

fBB2Everyone was all over the Ultra HD Foundation ($43) which comes in 40 featherlight shades, so there has to be a match for you- unless you really just want to be difficult. It actually does hold up pretty well, even in extreme temperatures, as I found out this summer. You can also get the Ultra HD Stick Foundation ($43) which also provides complete coverage, and in spite of my fears, did so with without feeling oily.

The bold lip comes in many forms. There’s the deep and glossy, the kissed off smear, and the dark, matte goth. I still have my reds, just in case, and I have a deep plum gloss that I picked at the discount store.

fBB3You might want to get your brows in gear, this season. It seems to be a hot topic. Try this Tweezerman mini-slant tweezer ($16) adorably decorated with a sunny blue sky especially to benefit the Art of Elysium charity. Once you’re trimmed the hedges, you can use Tweezerman Brow Mousse ($12) a clear gel that holds your browhairs in place while you run around doing things.

I’m also recommending the KISS Beautiful Brow Kit ($7.99) for when you have time to make a real brow statement. It has a dark and light powder to fill in, 4 stencils to define your bows and create an arch, a highlighter for your browbone, and a little tray of wax to keep all that work stuck together. I actually love this little kit, it’s so femm-y!! I played with it a lot, then it got hot. I’ll definitely use it again, it’s a great girly thing to have.

For eyes, metallic liners and gold lids are a thing. Major huge makeup artist Pat McGrath has launched her new makeup line with one thing- gold eyeshadow. So you might want to get some from somewhere.

I am not so great with eyelashes. I have no luck. KISS Products keeps sending them and I am just… stay tuned, because I heard you can get lessons at ChicStudios and I think Sephora was doing lessons. But if you like lashes buy theirs, they have soooo many styles! Be you pretending to be Kim Kardashian (or whoever).

Nails are still a priority and a good place to have some artsy fun. I am loving the new Kure Bazaar brand from Paris. Created by model Kartika when she was pregnant, it’s a line of eco-friendly, formaldehyde free polishes that go on smooth, and offer super saturated colors with fast drying time. They are definitely chip resistant as well. Great value, and it’s beauty without the harm. Click here to find out where to buy.

3. Braids, or not:

fBB4Braids. Braids, braids, braids. Cornrows, fishtails, pigtails- braids. They are everywhere, on the runway at Valentino for ss2016 and on Sarah Potempa’s instagram for her #365DaysofBraids.  Try Aveda’s new Shampure Dry Shampoo ($30), which not only absorbs excess oils and impurities and lifts them from the hair, but provides a bit of hold to and texture to keep those braids together.

Two great new products for nurturing your hair are Phytokeratine Extreme Exceptional Shampoo ($29) and Exceptional Cream ($40). The Excetional Shampoo gently cleanses even the most delicate hair, replenishes it and facilitates detangling and styling.The Exceptional Cream is a lightweight lotion with boabab oil, botanical keratin and sapote butter meant to create an anti-frizz humidity shield, and will protect your hair from  heat styling (up to 430 degrees, after that your’e a maniac).

4. The skin you’re in:fBB5The great thing about cold weather is the delicious pampering that is now possible. Hot bath time is here! Kesh Beauty Argan Oil ($40) is amazing- you must try it. What I love? The beautiful non-aerosol spray bottle. You can spray it on your scalp, spray some in the bathwater, spray onto your feet- you’ll never spill it or drop the little eyedropper that most brands give you.

Hands need mega pampering once it gets into glove weather. I got Ritual Ginko Secret Calming Hand Balm ($17) and Tata Harper’s Rejuvenating Hand Cream ($48) for when dryness strikes. I also bought extra gloves, just a little tip. I lose gloves all the time, it’s a sickness.

Scrub off all that excess dry skin with Tata Harper’s Smoothing Body Scrub ($68). Made with all natural ingredients like Pink Himalayan and Hawaiian Sea Salts, Cranberry Fibers, Apricot Seed Powder and Organic Sugar, it micro-polishes the surface and buffs away dead skin to eliminate unseen impurities, leaving the skin smooth and conditioned. Wonderful after a day at work, then commuting home.

Yum, Ritual Tao Lao Tze Chinese Mint Foot Balm ($15) sounds like a delicious way to keep feet pampered, especially when they’ll be spending long hours cooped up in shoes.

Fight off dry skin with Aveda’s Botanical Kinetics Skin Care Starter Set. For $38, you get the Purifying Creme Cleanser, Exfoliant, Firming/Toning Agent and Hydrating Lotion. Your face will be out in the wintry, dehydrating cold- when you’re not being pelted with rain and snow. You need some backup.

Next up: Cat Footwear SS2016 Press Preview!

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

You’re Invited:


One day I opened the email box and a Fashion GPS invitation to this:

Fashion Meets E-commerce at Intersect Retail – October 22nd NYC!
Intersect Retail is a portfolio of events, roundtables, training and niche publications for retailers and brands engaged in e-commerce in the United States and Europe.  Since 2012, over 4,000 executives in beauty, apparel and fashion e-commerce have been convened to exchange valuable insights and conduct business.  Our goal is to foster innovation and networking among the smartest and most active players in the industry.

. At first I was confused, but then I realized that this was my chance to go network and find out how I can turn my Etsy and Society 6 online shops into real revenue streams. I love blogging, but I also want to have real business that make things and employ people. I decided to sign up.

October 21st is an invitation only Leadership Event with retailing workshops focusing on e-commerce. I’m so intimidated, but I’m really excited. I mean, what is Personalization Maturity? I am not sure, but I’m so excited to be fining out!

October 22nd is a day jam-packed with information. Kara Council, the CMO and EVP of Kenneth Cole will be giving the breakout speech on Engagement While Maintaining Brand Integrity & Voice, and after that it’s just non-stop learning. There are talks on Story telling, becoming Omni-Channel, and the Web Celebs: Is Working with Online Influencers Really Worth All of the Hype? workshop, where my friend Jamal Jackson of Style Society Guy is speaking.

The event is primarily for retailers t earn how best to maximize their e-commerce reach.  A qualified retailer is anyone who sells merchandise through a brick-and-mortar store, e-commerce website, mobile device, social networking site or who is a brand manufacturer. If that’s you, click here to register. Luckily for me, as a (small) e-commerce retailer AND influencer I became a Marketing Sponsor- which enable me to extend a discount to my readers/followers who are e-commerce retailers. When you register, just enter SP-25SASS where it says ‘promotional code’.

Registration includes:

– Breakfasts, lunches, snacks
– Networking Cocktail Reception with Open bar
– Selected Brands and Retailers get full access to the Invite-Only Workshop Day on October 21st, contact Maria to see if you qualify
– Full access to all sessions on Conference Day on October 22nd

Hope to see you there!

xoxo, Faith/SassyEthnicBohemian


FASHION: In which we talk about AW2015 fashion trends


There was so much going on that when I think about fall style, I can’t even say- oh this is it, or that’s what you should do. So I went through the many many emails that I get from Ployvore and Boo Hoo Clothing. I went through my instagram, twitter and tumblr. I looked through magazines and just ripped out everything I liked. Then I had to put it all together, so that took a hot second.

So finally, in October, I have a kind of idea about what this year’s AW2015 trends are. I am basing these collages and mood boards on what kept popping up repeatedly, and also on what I liked. I skipped the plaid trend, even though it’s a definite thing, because I live in Brooklyn so I live in plaid.

Black and white:AW20152 You can not go wrong with black and white. You really just can’t. White, black skirt. White button down black pants. Black and white plaid (ok a little plaid) tshirt with white skort or culottes. Grey is black and white mixed together, so you can throw that in two. Lacy looks in angora or other plush knits is a go,hearkening back to thet victorian trend that happened in the 80s. AW20153

I found so much, that it took two mood boards to present this. All black, black and white, black white and grey, grey and white with a pop of black- all of that is a go. Not sure how those brown outfits snuck in. I think I was into showing how black and white and grey can slowly lead to monochrome dressing or how you can use small hits of a color like red to liven up the palette. Or maybe that was how I was leading to the next section…

COLOR, print, pattern:  AW20154

Like rich, saturated 70s color. Burgundy, orange, burnt orange, maroon or a stunning red. Metallics mix well, check out that gold shift. It’s rich, luxe, decadent, color. Work with the prints. Get some print into your life, paisley, op-art, dark florals, whatever. Get at least one thing, even if it’s just a handkerchief and work it into your life this fall. AW20151Don’t be scared. It’s totally safe to wear color. If you don’t want an all over thing, then do black and white (with grey) and colored tights. Teal, mustard, grape- great colors for this season.

Denim: AW20155

Denim. More denim. Denim on denim. Denim under denim. Denim.

Outerwear: AW20156

Camel is big. Classic shapes blown out of proportion, or cut into a simple peacoat. Camel is your go to if everything else is too scary. Also- camel goes with paisley, denim, black and white, metallics… Nice, right? Black, white, grey are always in for coats. But make sure you have bright scarves and gloves and fun hats to go with that choice so you can entertain yourself. Fur collars are a thing, that’s pretty 70s. Motorcycle jackets and camo jackets, military styles, good. But feminize them and have fun. Vandalize your coat like in the pic of Rihanna and the messed up fur.

Accessories: AW20157

Pretty, pretty, pretty. Rings, but stackables or ones that have things like stars and flowers in clusters. Bow ties are on the table, you can try that, but not just on the collar. A bow pin for the lapel, a bow in the hair, a bow on your purse? Why not glue a bow on your laptop case? I mean really, why not? It’s yours, right?  AW20159

Bag it! These were my faves. I love my faux Birkin, and I reccomend that bag to anyone. I don’t really like clutches, I love shoppers like the ones in the top row of this board. The two clutches included are cute, and I thought you guys would like them. Bags? Keep it classic, you have to be seen with that thing.


Booties are the thing. I mean, yes tall boots? But booties are coming on strong. Fringey ones, saturated colors, sequins- don’t underestimate the bootie. An ankle strap high heeled shoe is your friend.  Shoes can be colorful, and I suggest that you remember that when shopping, whether at Saks or Payless. Lace up oxfords don’t ever go out of style, but you can think about embellishing them a little, like the pale pink with flower ones here.

This is a mood board for you, a series of suggestions and things that I found interesting. Let it be a jumping off point for you to dream up who you want to be this winter.

Next up: Fall beauty trends

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian


in which we go to AWXII to hear a Talent Talk at The Hard Rock Cafe


awxIISo this was a new experience. I got an email extending an invite to see some business leaders talk about business during Advertising Week, which I had never heard of. Sounded like a thing, so off I went.

awxII1I decided on a mixed pattern thing. I did a gingham shirt from Southern Tide and some floral trousers that I’ve had forever (well, since 2012). Everything else was the same as the last post- raspberry beanie, Ami Clubwear lock tote, Cat Footwear Fueled boots, and my Milton John Red Nite Anchor bracelet (because I’m their brand ambassador, have I mentioned that? OK.).  awxII2I took the train into the city, not just to attend the talent Talks- but to mail my first Ebay store sale! I started an ebay store after looking around my apartment and being kind of ashamed about all the stuff I’ve accumulated through blogging. Some things I wear or use all the time, but the rest is just sitting here like a monument to selfishness. So learning more about advertising was definitely a plus. I wanted to find out how to make better listings, not to mention how to sell stuff from my SEB Bakery Etsy shop and my Society6.com/SassyEthnicBohemian store.

In short, I figured this was a good chance to fund out what it would take to make me a little revenue generating mogul. I mean, Christmas season is fast approaching!awxII4 I arrived early and checked in, but they weren’t seating yet.I had nothing to do and didn’t want to go back out into Times Square, so I wandered around looking at all the rock memorabilia. Guitars from bands like Everclear and the Toadies were in the same case as a piece of the wall from CBGB. Can you say ‘formative years’?

awxII3Then I took a look at Jimi Hendrix‘s guitar- history!!! He really played it!  awxII5

I was super bored. I hate waiting and there wasn’t anything to do after looking at everything.There was no wi-fi at all. I am the most impatient person in the world, but I made a decision to attend so I had to stick to it.  awxII6I went upstairs to the gift shop. It was ok. I liked this guitar keychain.  awxII7

When it was finally time to go in I went back downstairs and finally got in and got a free copy of Adweek and then missed the wi-fi password because just as it flashed on the screen, the Talented Talk started ant that was that. It was Carter Murray of FCB talking to Nick Taranto of Plated. Nick talked about his experiences with Shark Tank and setting up Plated and working out the, kinks of hiring new employees without ending up with convicted felons. It was interesting.

They talked about diversity, but two white guys don’t look very diverse so I kind of went in and out of listening. It seems like they are making an effort, but the people don’t stick. Then they get put on the spot for not being nurturing. I think they should have arrived with a phalanx of non-white employees to talk about their experiences within the company, but there was only so much time, right?

In my opinion? It’s not just the white people’s fault. Sometimes people get the wrong idea of what a creative job is. It’s not just fun, glamour and riches- it’s hard work, rejection, and being broke until you make it. Creatives drive the dreams of the world, and when you get that internship or job, you have to be ready to play well with others. If everyone is realistic about biases as well as unrealistic expectations, there will be progress. But, kudos to them for even discussing it.  awxII8

Afterwards I went back into Times Square, where there was free wi-fi and took this photo which is like, my favorite one right now. I love living in a place where anything is possible for me!

Next up: Let’s talk fall fashion

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian


in which we go to The Box and celebrate the luanch of Santera Tequila


box1Can I admit that it takes a lot to get me out of the house these days? It’s been such a weird summer- people sending cars over or asking me to cover backstage beauty… I am now thoroughly spoiled and picky. What’s new? What’s fun? And what’s going to be a real adventure to share?

I have heard tons about this club called The Box, so when I got an invite to go there for a party I was all in. And who doesn’t want tequila? boxIt was still hot and The Box is downtown, so I fell back on my Citizen Ciao Victoria Bay slouchy tshirt and LL Bean jeans. These new Fueled boots by Cat Footwear are glued to my feet. I just love them. and since Cat is cutting their shoes closer to the foot, the boots have a very rich, expensive look. And just the right amount of studding. I debuted my new Swedish Red Nite anchor bracelet from Milton John (I’m a brand ambassador, y’all!), the perfect understated and fun trinket. With my trusty Ami Clubwear locktote and raspberry beanie, I was done and I was out.  box2The Box is sort of a burlesque club, as I understand. I was instantly smitten with the chandelier, and that hoop is where performers pose on other days. Turn of the century (like, 1899 type century not this one) with a little disco ball thrown in. I love it.  box3It was insanely crowded, but I did manage to snag an incredibly tasty Santera Tequila margarita and by stationing myself near the kitchen, also got to taste the best pork tacos ever from Leyenda in Brooklyn. box4I was late and all the way in the back, but there was a film about the tequila. Santera is a Mexican brand, a white liquor made with the regions best blue weber agave plants. The element of fire was invoked on stage, referencing the volcanic soil in which the agave’s are grown. I threw back another margarita while exploring the club and it was just as delicious as the first.

Time to go. IMG_20150928_204644My first stop after drinking is any fast food restaurant. Why? because the grease clogs up your veins and holds the alcohol in check. I had a long train ride back to Brooklyn, and I wanted to be awake.   IMG_20150928_210323Also Wendy’s has wi-fi. 20150928_221936On the way home I got to see the enormous full moon that everyone was talking about through a break in the cloud cover. Seemed like the perfect ending to a trippy little adventure.

If you have a chance, check out www.santeratequila.com to enjoy the creative short films and learn more about the arduous process of creating their tequila.

Next up: the AWXII Talent Talk at the Hard Rock Cafe

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian