in which we go look around Charming Charlie- NY’s newest fast fashion import


I was walking down Fifth Avenue and came upon a glittering temple to shopping and bargains called Charming Charlie’s. I’d seen the sign advertising that it was being built and had gotten so used to it that when I saw an actual store I was shocked.


I wandered in, because who could resist the siren song citrus colors? Everything was glittering and tidy and there was merchandise everywhere. Just tons and tons of things ready to be bought.

cc3And all of it was stuff that, as a female, you just lust after. Bracelets and sparkling gold thong sandals, and dresses and oooh handbags! All displayed in a such a way that you really don’t have to think about how to pair things up. The displays areas are color co-ordinated.  cc4

Charming Carlie’s was created by Charlie Chanaratsopon, a Texas native with a yen for selling. His ideas are so good- that Charming Charlie’s has 360 stores nationwide. Yep.


The clothes are traditional feminine in bright colors. There’s even a plush waiting area near the dressing room equipped with stacks of art books.


Need some patriotic color for the 4th? They got you, boo.


I kind of liked this cascade of pearls, and I even have an LBD that they would look lovely with. But, to be honest I was just floored by how they could fill two floors of prime Manhattan real estate with so much stuff. It was overwhelming.

Anyway, looks like America has an answer to all the foreign fast fashion brands that make a profit here: Charming Charlie’s.

Next up: we review the Samsung GearFit

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

in which we co-host a Jade & Jasper shopping event and there are giveaways



This is my second official shopping event (if you don’t count selling homemade cookies in the street last summer). Amazing, right? Who knew I had this kind of appeal!


The whole idea of having to sashay around selling jewelry threw me a little and I almost went overboard. I put together a sort of tropical outfit with some cleavage (tank by Bobi Los Angeles, scarf sarong from Desigual) but after looking at these photos I was like…no. Too much is too much.


Since I was baking cookies and gathering giveaway samples, I left dressing until almost too late. I decided on this tried and true discount store dress of sherbet colors and my Jasmine wedges from Ami Clubwear. I added my acqua Southern Tide summer cardigan and loaded on some Jade & Jasper pieces. Do you love the silver manicure? It’s CND Vinylux Weekly Polish in Safety Pin.    jj4

Speaking of samples and giveaways- I figured the 4th of July was a great reason to hand out prizes. Actually any time people gather together in the name of shopping, prizes should be given. Hello ‘gift with purchase’?

These were the prizes:

1. Healthy Living  Total Value = $80.00

Real Simple Guide to Life Book

1 gift cards

2 One Day Passes to Crunch Gym at 54th Street

DenTek floss picks in cases

Dentek Interdental Brushes

Dentek Comfort Clean floss picks

2 Zevia soda can cozies

2. Hair Romance Total Value = $70.00

My Indie Hair Sea Salt Spray #catchawave

Rusk Deep Shine Color care Invisible Dry Shampoo

Bed Head High Roller Brush

3. Beauty Maven Total Value = $75.00

Kiss Singles (eyelash glue)

Kiss products false eyelashes

2 Kiss imPress manicures with skull jewelry

CND Vinylux Weekly Polish

Skincare 101 Total Value = $111

Sente Redness Control Complex

Bodycology Moroccan Sunset Body Lotion

Cabana Boy Spray Applicator

So all that was going on.


When I got to the Jade & Jasper studio I found some more givewaways- my friends at Karelen Official had sent over a generous selection of hair & skincare samples for all the guests to take home. Yes!!! jj6
I had a selection of white chocolate chip candied ginger and chocolate chip cookies on hand for nibbles. They were amazing… I mean, yeah I made them- but they were still amazing.

After that it was show time! I spent the next two hours doing social media, selling jewelry and handing out prizes.

You know, my usual mid-week routine.





Not bad right? There was a decnet turnout, prizes were won and snaps were chatted. Yay!jj95

I changed into my battered favorite sandals from Cat Footwear (they’re left over from last year, and I kneep meaning to take them to the showmaker but…I love them so!) to take a slow walk down Fifth Avenue, which sparkles in the evening. I ended up finding a new fast fashion shrine called Charming Charlie

Next up: Duh, we go to Charming Charlie!

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

NY Fashion Blogger Project: Alissa Nichole of Originally Remixed (is Pretty Smart)

So, as you may have guessed, I am constantly falling in love with people or things and then have to know everything about them. My latest style/fashion crush? Alissa Nichole of Originally Remixed. Why? She has this thing that you can’t quite pin down. She wears granny glasses- but they’re pink and have glitter on them. She may be playing a character, but her reactions and insights are super real. She is actually pretty smart, but with a sort of madcap dizziness last seen in old movies starring Carole Lombard.

I’ve been doing the NY Fashion Blogger Project since 2013, so at this point I’m not as easily moved or amused- but I have to admit, Originally Remixed is a complete original.


Sassy Ethnic Bohemian: First of all, how awesome to meet a fellow Brooklyn Technite! It’s one of the best specialized schools in New York. What did you major in there? What was your passion?

Alissa Nichole: I majored in media communications. My passions have always been within the creative realm, but with technology becoming a big thing back then (late 90s), I figured that I could mesh art, creativity and tech. I actually started building webpages and designing graphics back in middle school, but before that you could always catch me being crafty, drawing, sketching or coloring something. I’m still very much creative, but now I’m hoping to use my creativity as a personal stylist.

SEB: Do you feel that helped you when you decided to take up blogging? How long have you been doing it?

AN: It certainly did! I actually started blogging back in high school before it became a big thing like it is now– I just wish I wouldn’t have taken a 15 year hiatus! But I’m back now, so hi! hey! hello! I used to design my own websites and build my own WordPress templates. Now, when I’m working on my blog, I’m able to navigate through (some) of the back end stuff, create my own graphics (when I have the time), and touch up images really quickly.


SEB: And you recently graduated from both FIT’s styling certificate program and a course at the School of Style? Can you tell me about why you felt the need to pursue that avenue?

AN: Yes! Yay me! Whew… so, it’s really funny… at a previous (and even current) job, I’ve had people come up to me, tell me that they like my style/I always look put together and then they would ask me about the latest trends in fashion or for help with picking out gifts for their wife. I even had one person flat out ask me to take them shopping because they had an art gallery opening to go to and wanted to look extra sharp. That was about 4 or 5 years ago, and I didn’t even consider styling as a career option back then.

One day there was a little voice in my head that told me to do some research and see if there was any sort of training for “helping people pick out clothes”… that’s when I came across the Image Consulting certificate at FIT. It really opened my eyes to the possibility of owning my own business. I really like the thought of being able to set my own schedule, being on the move and interacting with people instead of sitting at a desk all day. Plus, I still get to exercise my creativity while helping people look AND feel good. That’s so awesome to me.

SEB: What is your ultimate goal with the blog? What inspires you to keep writing and sharing with your readers?

AN: I’m trying to tie my blog in with my styling business… but on top of that, I want to let people know what’s cool and new as it relates to local events and travel. I guess be something of a virtual concierge. What inspires me to keep sharing with my readers is knowing that someone out there may be looking for the perfect outfit and next travel destination, and I helped them out!

SEB: I am in LOVE with the fact that you are a hardcore thrifter. Where does that come from? Who influenced you to start doing that?

AN: My mom got me into thrifting. I remember that she would take me to a shop in Brooklyn called Domsey… and honestly, I was totally ashamed of being in there. I absolutely hated it, mostly because the kids I attended middle school with were all about labels and would tease you mercilessly if you didn’t fit in… and all I wanted to do back then was fit in.

Also, the clothes for that time period (the 90s) weren’t all that great or maybe I just hadn’t developed my fashion sense yet? Either way, here I am now… in love with thrift shopping because I’m comfortable with myself, my style and knowing that I can look good for so much less!

SEB: What are your absolute favorite places to thrift and can you pass on any pointers on how to find the best stuff?

AN: I’ll go thrifting no matter where I am! I’ve been to London and have gone thrifting… I absolutely loved Oxfam; there was also a cute little thrift shop right near my hotel! When I’m here in the states (specifically NYC), you can always find me in Goodwill or at Housing Works Buy The Bag.

I recently went to Massachusetts to visit family and discovered a store called Savers; they had so many great pieces at crazy good prices! And I also experienced the thrill of hunting down tag sales. My strategy is to hit the thrift shops/sales in wealthier neighborhoods (if you’re into higher-end goods)… and to check out the accessories section first. Accessories are much easier to sift through than looking through racks of clothing, inspecting for damage and then trying on.

SEB: You’re also big into travel; you’ve been to Dubai and you’re planning a trip to South Africa… what would you say is the ULTIMATE place to get away from it all? Your dream trip?

AN: My dream trip is to Fiji… actually, that’s my dream honeymoon… but it will happen at some point in life, regardless of what my status is. Also on my list are Bali and Thailand; I’ve seen so many great pictures of both places and thinking of Thai food makes my mouth water. As for places I’ve already been… Bermuda is worth checking out. It’s so beautiful and relaxing.


SEB: You have the smoothest skin- how do you keep your complexion so perfect? What’s your skin routine?

AN: Oh wow… thank you! Well, I use three things on my face (not all at the same time, though)… Neutrogena Body Clear Body Scrub, Shea Moisture Black Soap Facial Wash & Scrub and Charcoal Detox Cleanser by Michael Todd; I usually alternate the days in which I use them, but right now I’m sticking to Neutrogena.

I also swear by Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion, which I apply after washing my face. At the end of the day, I make sure to remove my makeup; if I don’t wash it off, I use a makeup removing wipe… you DO NOT want all of the stuff clogging up your pores!

SEB: I also noticed that you’re in amazing shape. Are you working out anywhere special or is it just metabolism?

AN: Ha! It’s just metabolism… however, I do try to keep in shape with the occasional yoga/stretching session. Plus, I’m big on walking. Since the weather is nice, if I’m not pressed for time I’ll do something like get off a few train stops before my actual stop and walk the rest of the way.


SEB: What would you say to your just starting to blog self after all of the adventures you’ve had? What advice would you give yourself now that you’re starting to get more well-known?

AN: In the beginning, I wish I would’ve told myself that everything is a process. Seriously, things take time and you WILL NOT be an overnight success, so don’t stress yourself out about it. Find your niche… you can’t get anywhere if you’re all over the place.

Now that I’ve been blogging for a while, my main takeaway is to not let everyone know my every move… and on top of that (going back to finding your niche)… you don’t need to have your hands in EVERYTHING. Stay in your lane and do what makes you happy… not what you think will make you the most money or get you the most followers. If an activity doesn’t make me happy or align with my brand, why bother?

*check out the Summer Swim Shoot featuring Alissa from Originally Remixed for details on her outfits!

xoxo, Faith/Sassy EThnic Bohemian

Movie Review: Glass Chin starring Corey Stoll (from House of Cards)


This is another one of those’ open the email box surprise’ things. I used to be a NY Movie Reviewer, and there was that Cinderella review, so maybe they thought I was smart or something. This happens sometimes. I just go with it.


The film, Glass Chin, centers around Bud Gordon, a boxer played by Corey Stoll (he played Peter Russo on House of Cards). He’s past his prime and his last fight was a set-up, but he’s still known around the neighborhood.


Well known enough that he gets picked to train a new boxer named Kid Sunshine. Unfortunately, complications arise due to Bud’s involvement with a gangster named JJ (a pretentiously arty interpretation of the gangster trope by Billy Crudup). While it looks as if Bud is back on track, everything is actually going haywire. glasschin4

The female characters are Bud’s basic bitch girlfriend (Yul Vazquez in bad clothes, no makeup and a sloppy lacefront wig) who he lives with in a run-down apartment. He ends up cheating on her with a bartender (Katherine Waterston who dazzled in Inherent Vice) who works in one of JJ’s bars. Funnily enough, his girflriend also used to work for JJ. Bud is going nowhere because he’s not climbing out, but burrowing in to the trouble around him.

This is one of those stories where the main character should have said no, sorry- but went ahead and got caught up. glasschin5

It’s not a great movie. It’s not The Bad Lieutenant, where the character does bad and has no remorse- but yet, how believable are your tears when you know the type of people you’re dealing with? The acting isn’t great, but it’s ok. It’s a great reflection on how boringly easy it is to go bad when you don’t believe in anything. There may be redemption in the end, but it comes far too late.

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

The Meetup Adventure: in which we go to the Cooper-Hewitt for the poster show



This has been a big year for me an museums. My first OK Cupid date was at the Met, and then I joined this meetup group.


I was pretty excited to go to the Cooper-Hewitt. I haven’t been there since I attended the Van Cleef and Arpels retrospective show. It was rainy and grey, so I dipped into the closet and decided on a plaid dress with my polka dot Desigual jacket. I threw in some rugged details with my Cat Footwear Corinne boots, Southern Tide brown shackle belt ($65) and Jade & Jasper Crystal Skull necklace with tiny, spikey earrings. My umbrellawas broken, so I just added my bucket hat.

Ready for anything.


I love this museum. It’s so pretty! Everytime I go I imaging clearing out all of the museum stuff and turning it back into a mansion. The Cooper Hewitt used to be the home of Andrew Carnegie, who lived there with his wife and daughter.


I love the details here. The gilded embellishments on the walls and the marquetry ceiling. I feel like I’d be a way better person if I had a ceiling like this. My thoughts would be deeper since I’d have a better inspiration than plain white plaster.


Ok, back to the subject at hand. How Posters Work centers around the way that graphic designers communicate with us. Photography is one thing, but to create an effective design, you need to work with the elements of image, type, texture… The Cooper-Hewitt has collected an array of examples posters that illustrate ideas about film, art, and fashion. wmu5

A particular favorite of mine was this poster advertising The Stepford Wives. A terrifying film that explores the idea that the only perfect wife is a robot. This poster, with it’s pop-art colors and newsprint look, effectively scares you to pieces (so to speak). It calls to mind greco-roman statuary relics think Venus de Milo. Katharine Ross’s empty start is riveting. wmu7

If you need a break from posters, there’s lots more to see. Sprinkled around are little rooms with African Art, miniatures, and paintings. wmu8

How exquisite is this model staircase? wmu91

And compare it to the museum’s new staircase with it’s stark, industrial space station feel. The light is like a Dan Flavin installation, a pure rod of sinister fluorescence. wmu92

I loved the array of things. things on display, and in the museum’s shop, things for sale. Things that have no meaning when it comes to survival, but accrue meaning through our desire as consumers. Every object fulfills our sense of ourselves as discrening people with great taste.  wmu93

Mondane things elevated. I am so in love with this silver turtle. The other objects are the perfect bike and a spool chair. The kinds of things that you need a ton of space to show off, because you’ll want to back up and look at your purchase when no-one’s around.  wmu94

The garden is still under construction, but it’s something to look forward to. I loved the curving window sill, big enough for a seat.

Next up: we review Glass Chin

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian