in which i go to the Beauty 20 Awards dressed like a grownup

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How do you know you’re making progress in blogland? The level of your invitations goes up, and your goody bag gets heavier.

Well, ok maybe that’s just me.

But here’s the thing- one invitation can only lead to another. I won a trip to Sniffapalooza, which led me to Beautypress, which got me to Spotlight Day, which landed me squarely at The Beauty 20 Awards.

I just had to dress like someonme who had some sense for a change.


Luckily? I had just gotten some dry cleaning done. I ripped open that plastic and suddenly had a ladylike outfit- that just happened to have all the color of a rainbow.

In order to be presentable, I clothed myself in an Escada jacket with velvet lapels and pocket flaps, a white button down shirt and A-line skirt with front pleat and slit pockets from Ann Taylorn and the appropriate footwear in the form of black (freshly polished) Franco Sarto heels. My Grafton frames from and my ShopJacquelineRose black buddha mala necklace (stands for prosperity) rounded out my disguise.

I mean outfit. Ahem. I sprayed on some Joy Forever, because being a lady isn’t just about your clothing.


Located in the lovely 404 Space in Mid-town manhattan, the first floor featured tables where the creme of the beauty industry chatted and networked. Everyone received a glossy box and a copy of New Beauty magazine upon check-in. Then it was upstairs to survey the buffet. I put down my jacket, glossy box and my ParMana Designs Dream Awake shoulder bag to load up on  Mediteranean style olive salad and feta cheese, and the most delicious salted caramel ice cream.



With a deliciously earthy glass of red wine, I settled in to snack and observe. And to open my first Glossy Box ever. Now I know what the fuss was about-  I got shampoo and conditioner from Uberliss, a highlighting creme from Kryolan, moisturizer from Eslor, and glittery nail polish from SpaRitual. Imean- hello?!?!?!:? Thank you sir, can I have another?

the only problem was that when the awards started, I was still eating, sipping wine, and looking through my copy of New Beauty. So I stayed on the mezzanine, and got comfortable. It was kind of like being the only VIP. Or a leper, but I like to look on the bright side.


Arent these gorgeous? Every winner gets one of these and is allowed a 5 word acceptance speech. Startedin Paris by InnoCos Events in 2013, the Beauty 20 Awards are all about how our beauty companies are serving their customers and audiences vi 21st century technology. It’s a brand new day in beauty, and just handing out lipsticks at counters isn’t enough. Customers have to be engaged, and these winners are the best in the game.

*photo courtesy of beauty 20

I linked the winners to their winning social media accounts:

#beauty20 2014 Winners (New York)

Best Twitter: OPI Products
Best Facebook: ULTA Beauty
Best Pinterest: OPI Products
Best Instagram: OPI Products
Best App: Mary Kay
Best Online Video: Dove: Patches
Best e-Commerce Website: Mary Kay
Best Beauty Startup: Birchbox
Best Technology Startup: Dollar Shave Club
Best Beauty Brand Online: Aveda


When the awards were over (on schedule I might add) I was given another bag as a souvenir. I couldn’t even wait to get it home- I started rummaging through it on the train. They gave everyone the limited edition Net-A-Porter Glossy Box which had samples from Klorane, RGB cuticle oil, Ellis Faas‘s gorgeously lethal mascara, Kevyn Aucoin eyeshadow… insane. I loved it.

It was definitely worth putting on heels- even if my heels self-destructed on my way to the event. I’d rather have to go to the shoemaker than have missed my first awards show.


Next up: Dating Diary! Perrier, central Park, and that time we saw Scott Ian at the Strand Bookstore…


xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian


in which i go to the #StreetArtbyPerrier event in Williamsburg and run into Style Society Guy

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So in one of those rare – but ever increasing- moments of sassy synchronicity, a blogger event fell on a datenight. But not just any blogger event- one of those events that makes regular people look at you sideways and go ‘Who ARE you?”.

Great timing , Perrier!

Along with my date Chase and I, tout le monde was invited down to Williamsburg to hang out in the Colossal  Paint Warehouse, drink Perrier, and celebrate street art from around the world. Artists Sasu (Japan), Edouardo Kobra (Brasil), and JonOne (US) each created an immersive environment that embodied their approach to the conundrum of how to interpret the Perrier taste and aesthetic through their own unique styles.


The opening was like one of those giant clubs from back in the day, like Danceteria or Palladium. So glam. Except it was early and Brooklyn. And there was food- crispy tomato rings, ribs, a little bamboo plate of salad, tiny bites that made you feel luxurious.


technically it wasn’t this dark, but you get the idea. Slideshows greeted you as you walked in, there was a Perrier step and repeat for photos, a chandelier made of perrier bottles (I want this- so bad), and pretty girls in Perrier green dresses to usher you to each activity. The first thing we did was light painting- They gave each a spray can with a lightbulb instead of a spraycap. Once you finish the mural? It disappears!


Then we wandered into the Kobra area, which was all white leather furniture and pinup girls in prismatic bodysuits and kaleidoscopic tights. This was actually a stage to get your photo taken, and they printed it right then for you.

1 perrier date See? I wore my asymetrical, layered ruffle cardigan in oatmeal ($10, thrifted), a long sleeved dove grey v-neck tshirt from Uniqlo, true shape jeans from LL bean, my fave laceless oxfords, and a $5 black & white patterned scarf I bought on the street. streetart4

JonOne’s are was all industrial art style, with crappy little paint splattered tv’s, big drums of used paint, lots of bottle of Perrier with his limited edition label…and the Chocolate Fountains. Why is this capitolised? because there were THREE CHOCOLATE FOUNTAINS. Tell me you wouldn’t get excited.


Under this gorgeous portrait of me (see the resemblance? No? Whatever), were three fountains elegantly gushing strawberry, orange, and white chocolate. You could dip marshmallows (my jam!), sugar cookies (my other jam!), and strawberries (Chases’ jam!). I was busy loafing up a marshmallow when I bumped into Jamal from Style Society Guy. Like, literally- I was trying to shove him away from the chocloate.

Um. yeah.

So anyway, we talked for a second because we have a pr lady in common, and we also both wear Cat Footwear (but he was in the catalog, so. Um. yeah.), and I was loving his nod to art with the Joe Fresh raincoat/artists smock. I got a pic of him and Chase looking manly in front of a Perrier sign. Men are the new black for 2015. You heard it here first.


Sated by chocolate (for the moment) it was on to the Sasu lounge and drinkies. Each artists had a signature cocktail, which incorporated Perrier. I tasted all of them. They were all delicious.


Sasu’s lounge featured wooden cutouts of her Georgia O’Keefe like flower paintings. It was kind of like a VIP lounge, because it was the smallest room of the group.  We hung out there for awhile then headed out. We met someone who handled the production of the event and he said that it took about two days of non-stop work to put everything together. can you imagine? they just worked their tails off to make a one night wonderland for us. streetart8

When I got home, funnily enough, I had a bag full of Perrier, a cute photo from the Kobra room, and some pretty striped paper straws. What did I do? made mocktails. The first one is  was a ginger lemon iced tea with Perrier- so refreshing. (Sweeten with honey instead of sugar.) The second one was for our next datenight. Blueberry Raspberry lemonade jazzed up with some Perrier. Very tasty. I guess you could add vodka or something if you were feeling frisky.


And, another example of great timing- I got a Dusen Dusen limited edition beach towel from Perrier! Nice.

Now we can have house picnics in the winter.

Next up: the Beauty 20 Awards!

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

Weekly Photo Challenge: Refraction

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Ok, I had to look through the archives, and I fiund this, which is a literal translation of the Weekly Photo Challenge on Refraction. At first I thought it was too boring, but then… I took it for some reason. One morning on the subway platform at Myrtle Avenue, I thought this was the most important  thing in the world and took a picture of it.

Sigh. Maybe I don’t really love it just because it’s Bushwick, lol!



Newsbreak: NEW fragrance from Lisa Hoffman Beauty, Red Door Spas is holding down SpaWeek, Cat Footwear ‘pops up’ in NYC, Josie Natori on HSN, and… #AlexanderWangxHM

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Lisa Hoffman Beauty:


You guys know how much I love my Lisa Hoffman Beauty fragrance bracelets, right? Well guess who jumped for joy about the newest one? Uh- not me, I’m way too cool for that, ok?

There’s a gorgeous new bracelet and scent, released on October 15- Brazilian Begonia. isn’t that just the thing for when the weather gets grey and rainy? Here’s what they said:

“Like the lush scenic landscapes and rich tropical forests of Brazil, the sultry scent of the Brazilian Begonia is both beautiful and captivating. The flower captures the striking beauty of Brazilian nature, along with an innocent yet inspired passion with which the Brazilian culture celebrates the spice of life. The begonia can be found among the tropical wildlife that surrounds Igusassu Falls, one of the country’s most breathtaking waterfalls.”


So getting this bracelet and fragrance is cheaper than a plane ticket, and you won’t need any shots or anything.


The Brazilian Begonia sodalite and gold bead bracelet is $75 and the eau de parfum is $22 – $75. BUT you can get 25% until October 18th by using their facebook code. Winter is long, stock up!

Red Door Spas:

The Red Door -  Beauty Bar The Red Door - Signature

I cannot even improve on the copy they sent me- so here are the deets straight from them:

“Spa Week is back! Get pampered at Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa during National Spa Week this month from October 20 -26. Red Door Spas, with locations across the country, will be offering 3 of their most luxurious treatments, as well as a hair pick-me-up, for just $50 each including:

  • Spa Week De-Stress Body Treatment (50 minutes) – Featuring deep skin exfoliation, an aromatherapeutic body wrap and relaxing scalp massage to melt stress away
  • Spa Week Essential Facial (50 minutes) – Skin is cleansed, exfoliated and hydrated for skin that is healthy and renewed
  • Spa Week Youth Restoring Pedicure (50 minutes) – Slough away dry skin, while replenishing and sealing in moisture to restore a youthful hydration for soft, smooth feet that are polished to perfection
  • Hair Pick-Me-Up – choose from a haircut, blow-dry and finish or single process color for the spa week price if $50″

Yes. Run there…now. Click here to find a location.


Cat Footwear:


Cat Footwear company  is poppin’ up! they launched a new pop-up store in Midtown Manhattan last night, and also unveiled some amazing artsy interpretations of their classic Colorado Boot, originally launched in the 90s.  The featured artists included Ivan Orama, James Gulliver Hancock, Liz Lomax, Amanda Dolan, and Misha Tyutyunik, who unveiled their one-of-a-kind artworks at the event.


Here’s what happened: The event celebrated the return of the brand’s original “Colorado” boot from 1990, which is available again for the first time in the U.S. this Fall season.  In keeping with this theme, Cat Footwear hand selected 5 New York City-based artists and challenged them with using the Colorado boot as their blank canvas. Models were on hand to showcase the new iterations of the Colorado boot from the AW14 collection, while guests enjoyed cocktails and sounds by DJ Jasper Stapleton.


The Pop-Up will be open to consumers October 21st – 28th, 11am – 7pm daily, and will feature 3 limited edition styles from the UK that have never been available to the U.S. consumer.  The pop-up will be the first and only place to get these styles, while supplies last.
The Cat Footwear Corner Pop-Up 
501 Lexington Avenue (@ 47th Street) 
Shopping Hours: 
October 21st – 28th (11am-7pm
*All photos provided by Shoot Me Peter

Josie Natori: 


Here’s an HSN exclusive! Josie by Natori fall sleepwear collection and fragrance will launch on Thursday, October 23rd. Between 7-9 PM, during the Beauty Report, the dynamic new JOSIE fragrance will launch. after that, Natori  debuts the ‘Josie by Natori Loungewear’ collection for HSN during The List Holiday Travel Guide between 9-10 PM.

imageServiceimageService (1) imageService (2)

Alexander Wang for H&M:

done 1. dayone1010 done 2. daytwo1011 done 3. daythree1012

done 4. dayfour 10135. dayfive1014 6. daysix1015 7. dayseven1016Get it? Watch here.

Catch you guys later!

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

Bellaforma Wine Sponsor Recap Spring/Summer 2015 | Nolcha Fashion Week: New York

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I loved them- great tasting wines from with a cultural kick. The sorrel wine was real pleaser!

Originally posted on Nolcha Fashion Week:

View the highlights from Nolcha Fashion Week: New York SS15 sponsor Bellaforma Wine.  Bellaforma Wine is a producer of Award-winning wines made from the exotic fruits and flowers that adorn the Caribbean landscape. Bellaforma was the original name given to the island of Tobago by Christopher Columbus; the name means “beautiful form”.


View original 30 more words

origins had a party at industria and coco rocha showed up #discoverorigins

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So, this was that time that I harassed Origins for beauty products and they go- ‘hey! wanna go hang out?’ and I go ‘aww yeeeuh!’ and then remember that I have a standing appointment on Mondays and can’t make it.  So, uh- here is the recap of the party that I got invited to, missed, and then found out that Coco Rocha was there.

Just… you know.


Here are the official deets:

“Documented by visual storytellers Ann Street Studio, the film follows four-time cookbook author, Candice Kumai and travel writer, Kim Mance on a 13-day, 30,000 mile journey across the lush landscapes of France, Australia and Ghana in search of the powerful ingredients in Origins new Plantscription™ Anti-aging power serum. The intimate evening was filled with beautiful, curated imagery from their trip across the world and the global premiere was featured across a 360 projection. On hand to celebrate, Coco Rocha, Jamie Chung and Kristen Taekman joined Clinique, Origins, Ojon, Aveda & Darphin Group President, Lynne Green and Origins Senior Vice President and General Manager, Stephane de la Faverie.”

That’s way impressive, right?


These are amazing photos of actress cookbook author Candice Kumai, Jamie Chung, and RHONY cast member Kristin Taekman tell you that white after Labor day is a thing for real. I would probably have worn jeans and a tshirt, so I think we all saved ourselves a hard evening. 
Coco Rocha This is a photo of Kristin Taekman staring at Coco Rocha who is staring at herself. Kristen Taekman Kristin Taekman takes a selfie… I love the open mesh on the sleeves on this jacket.

origins3a Alexandra Richards, you know- daughter of Keith?, was the dj. the team from Ann Street Story Studios were on hand, their striking imagery was on display throughout the evening.

#DISCOVERORIGINSThis is everyone milling around looking fabulous. Can you believe I got invited? I wish I had been there, Origins always has the best food. I bet the goodie bag was insane.

I feel like crying a little bit. You guys watch this video while I go sulk.

*All photos courtesy of Origins

Next up: I party in person with Perrier (there were chocolate fountains)

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian 

a look back at josie natori’s pajama party and a look forward at the aw2014 holiday collection

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Remember that time I told you about the pajama party at Josie Natori’s new boutique back in August? So I finally got caught up on all my folders and found these awesome photos:


Looks like everyone had a good time, right? There was a photo booth, they did origami, and had fortune cookies…josie2

And doesn’t that look like cans of Sofia Coppola sparkling wine to you? It does. I know those pink cans anywhere. josie3

It looks like Josie Natori stopped by and someone with really cute shoes as well. I missed it, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying the memories.


Then I got invited to this- and of course ended up missing it for whatever reason. July was like that for me. I didn’t get back on my grind until August. Maybe I had a Saturn return or something. No matter what I did- I just never arrived anywhere.

Anyway, I was flipping through the Natori Holiday Gift Guide and decided that no matter what- I had a duty to bring this loveliness to the blog. I’ve been dying to do a lingerie post, and now here it is!


This is enough to make you adore wearing a slip (or chemise, which is a much prettier word, right? These were my absolute favorite: 1. Boudoir Chemise $250 2. Lolita Chemise with Uneven Lace $250 3. Boudoir Chemise with Allover Lace $225.


is theer anything more delicious than having great lingerie? Aside from like, ice cream, or an amazing facial? OR ALL THREE? I could see myself indulging while wearing these: 1. Feathers Bra $68 2. Boudoir Allover Lace Gown $195 3. Rose Parfait Tank $160


More Sporty Spice than girly? You can’t help but love these colorful bras, perfect for jogging, yoga or pilates: 1. Amp’d Sport Cami $50.00 2. Yogi Racerback Bra $68 3. Yogi Bra $64holidays2

Not just for the bedroom, the kimono top has been one of the hot trends all summer long. Update your winter wardrobe bay adding these or just add a winter accessory to the kimono you have: 1. Avery Topper $995 2. Knitted Rabbit Fur Twisted Scarf $595 3. Taisa Robe $2900holidays5

I love the idea of pattern mixing for a cute little outfit, whether for lounging at home or for a daring NYE look: 1. Prism Wrap $68 2. Valentina Chemise $68 3. Geometric Gold Necklace $395, Geometric Gold Cuff $225, Snakeskin Square Linked Belt $295


Next Up: the #DiscoverOrigins Global Premiere (Yes, Coco Rocha was there and everything)

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian