MBFW: last call for backstage at Art Hearts Fashion with Red Door Spa – real model, real style (Part 3)

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So, last but not least! What do real models (aka, people who actually get paid to wear clothes and look cute as a job) wear to work? There’s always posts about model style, so I figured you guys might be interested.

So here it is- real models wearing their own clothes backstage at a fashion show:


It’s all about the girl looking like a normcore ballerina. This look topped my list, because it’s just so cool and easy. Plaid shirt, tucked into shorts. We’re done. (i know, not everyone can wear shorts, da da da- just freestyle from there. Plaid shirt, black skirt, black jeans, black leggings- the real thing is to not overthing or overdo it.)


  1. Yes, everyone had their phone out. I liked the mesh over tank look. 2. Surfer style in the background- is maroon a thing? 3. I loved these pants- the pattern was fantastic.


 1. I loved her basic grey dress, with the open back. Also the belt with suspenders, and knee high socks with ankle boots. So downtonw, so New York. 2. Bras were meant to be seen. A loose fitting cropped black t with a leather look mini? Why not! These two lanky beauties know how to add the rock and roll. Love it. modelstyle3

1. This bag- color, size, and FRINGE! 2. Loved the gnarly sweater and leather jeans. The studded bag at her feet adds some rough edge and shine. 3. I loved this scarf cape, which she wore over a neat black tshirt and knifepleted skirt. So Parisian! Tres chic!modelstyle5

The kind of plain black dress that you can sue to layer with this fall and winter. See it over a white button down shirt and red leggings with flats or ankle length boots. Or? Under one of those long coat sweaters with a beanie and some Cat Footwear Colorado style work boots. Fun, right?


Take some cues from the guys, keep it easy and no stress.  modelstyle41. So yes, lace tshirts can atually be a thing. Keep it loose, as you see here, don’t get one that looks spray painted on. 2. Chambray shirt and LBD? Looks good here, so try it at home. 3. Tomboy style with a oversized Opening Ceremony tshirt, striped (adidas?) shorts and sneaks.


Part 1- backstage in hair and makeup with the Red Door Spa Team

Part 2: Art Heart Fashion models dressed backstage (with show video)

Ok, the NEXT post (like, very next post) is about…

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MBFW: backstage at Art Hearts Fashion show with the Red Door Spa team (part 2)

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When we left off with Part 1, the models had been made up by the Red Door Spa team, and most had filed into the staging area for their clothing and last minute instructions from the design teams and producers. Of course I hung around as long as I could to glimpse the hair and clothing combinations!

Atlaf Maneeshia:



Designer Altaf Maaneeshia offset his sculpted designs with this messy, frowsy take on an updo. The makeup wasn’t overdone, just a great clean eye with a bright lip. Futuristic in an 80s way.

2. Furne Amato:



Furne Amato‘s beautifully ethereal clothing was featured on models with deep parts and ballerina buns. Severe and classic. So Black Swan it hurt.

Gregorio Sanchez:


gregs1Gregorio Sanchez’s colorful, feminine designs were accentuated by an Evita Peron style do. the whole thing was so Carolina Herrera!  Dignified, but punchy, and hot. Loved the Day of the Dead themed wrist cuffs, complete with skull figurines in papier mache.

Leghila:ieghabags1Che bella! Hello, can you say ‘love at first sight’? This table full of eye-poppingly colorful neoprene bags is from Leghila, an Italian brand that seems to have a lock on being the biggest Italian import since pizza. Ti amo, dammi uno, per favore!!!

Mister Triple X: 



Mister Triple X had the bubbly curls of the 50’s combined with the braide/faux shave look of right this second. Smokey eyes, a nude lip and black & white graphic nail art completed their vision for the women. the men? Just plain hunky. I was ok with that.

MT Costello:



MT Costello’s nearly naked slinky lace and dramatic gold lame creations needed sexy, slinky hair. In most cases wavy hair with gold flecks was seen, as well as gold foil and paint adhered to cheekbones and gold applied to models backs and arms. Beautiful. My fave? The shimmering golden fishtail gown on the dark-skinned model with the drop dead perfect body. She shimmered from head to toe, and the skin on her back was flawlessly smooth.  That’s why there’s Red Door Spa professional Products like Milk & Honey Sugar Scrub.



shrek2Shrekahnth had a total urban warrior thing happening with the graphically drawn eyeliner and braided hair. Fun, sporty clothing in unique, Africa inspired prints. As you can see, the clothes were fun, funky, and eminently wearable. Great collection!

You can view the entire show here:

Next up? Since everyone loves ‘model style’ Part 3- what do models wear to NYFW? coming soon…

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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MBFW: backstage at the Art Hearts Fashion show with Red Door Spas beauty team! (Part 1)

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I woke up on 9/11 feeling that weird feeling that comes from remembering that one day in 2001, the Word Trade centers fell due to a terrorist attack. Life goes on, and now there,s a 9/11 Memorial to commemorate the loss of so many lives, but it still felt kind of weird to be running to a fashion show.

I mean it didn’t stop me, but I did have a moment of prayer about it. Respect.


It looked like a cloudy day, so I packed my ParMana Designs dream awake shoulderbag with my Vinrella water bottle umbrella.  Just in case.


As usual, even though I reminded myself over and over again not to be late, I ended up flying to get on the train. I was on the edge of my hard plastic seat until I was finally walking up ramp for Lincoln Center. As I crossed the courtyard, I saw these girls, who seemed to be in a Harajuku Girl walking class or something. Snapped a shot and ran on, since backstage was indeed…


in the BACK of Lincoln Center. A long, long walk from the front. Luckily, I was able to get checked in and found myself in the one spot everyone wants to be in: backstage, with an all access pass. YES!!


I got in and it was this- PANADEMONIUM. The re were models everywhere, tons of people in black Red Door Spas t-shirts doing various things to them, people running back and forth with cameras, and the whole place smelled like burnt hair. Heaven. I was definitely in the right place.


In short order I found my PR contact and the Lifeway frozen kefir treats. Armed with a look breakdown and some sweet sweet frozen relief, I was no calm and prepared to go forth and cover. Life is always better with frozen pear flavored kefir treats. Puts things into perspective.



This is me giving MBFW backstage realness. Love it. Skincare thanks to Red Door Spas Professional  products. I’ve been using the Calming sensitive skin range for the last few weeks for dewy soft summer skin. Eyes are Aquamatic waterproof glide-on eyeshadow in S60, butter LONDON Wink eye pencil in Union Jack Black, and Bobbi Brown everything mascara, pot rouge, and crystal lip gloss. I’m wearing the Ariel charm necklace from ShopJacquelineRose, along with her green oasis bracelet and my jade and silver bead Lisa Hoffman beauty fragrance bracelet in Clary Sage. My outfit is: Freeport field jacket from LL Bean, white button down Ann Taylor shirt, plum and grey embroidered novella skirt from Life is good, 3/4 signature leather belt from LL Bean in Guide Gold, ParMana Designs Dream Awake shoulder bag, and Cat Footwear Zosia sandals. Nail polish by Zoya in Carmen over a base coat of Probelle Beauty nail hardener.


the Red Door Spas team, Headed by Woody Michelb, Cesar Olivas, and Adeline Sarno, were in charge of creating looks for eight separate designer’s visions. Which meant that they had to be focused and on pint to deliver consistent results for each group of models. No pressure, right? arthearts8

 The look for show opener Mister Triple X was a head full of bouncy curls offset by a faux hawkian style braid on the side of the head. After setting hair with (you can use velcro rollers, pins, or hot rollers), the hair was misted with Kerastase Laque Couture to smooth and define waves. The makeup was all about a smokey eye and ripe pink lips. arthearts8a

 Guys were backs stage getting smooth, sideswept hair from Control Sector and Mister Triple X. No one was exempt from the Red Door Spas nail team- even the male models had their nails buffed and cuticles trimmed. arthearts9


The look for MT Costello was GOLD! Models were given loose 70s style waves (gorgeous on ANTM alum Jaslene Gonzales), and their faces and bodies were decorated with gold leaf. Pure glamour! The makeup was all smokey eyes and nude lips with glowing skin.


Furne Amato and Gregorio Sanchez featured models with deep parts and ballerina buns. Severe and classic.  Their nails were done in a soft pink, neutral shade. Makeup for Gregorio was clean, in a classic 50s way with luminous skin, and cateye liner with false lashes. arthearts92

 Designer Altaf Maaneeshia offset his sculpted designs with this messy, frowsy take on an updo. This was done by using a small curling iron to create loose curls, and then molding each section into waves by hand. Kerastase V.I.P Volume in Powder was used to create height and separation, then misted with Kerastase Laque Noir to set the style.  Pull tendrils out to frame the face and then finish with Kerastase Laque Couture. The makeup was clean and simple, with a bright lip and gold cream eyeshadow on the inner corners of eyes.


 Shrekahnth made a statement with a striking braided look. Hair is sectioned off, and a french braid is created down the center of the head, then more braid are created towards the back of the head and secured with elastic. An Egyptian-styled graphic was drawn around the eyes with liner, and the lip was completely nude.


One all the models were coiffed, buffed, polished, and made up they trooped off to get dressed before hitting the runway… bye models!

Up next: Art Hearts Fashion/Red Door Spas backstage review Part 2- some glimpses of the outfits! Models dressed for the runway in Furne Amatao, MT Costello, and more…

xoxo, Faith/Sassy EthnicBohemian

NYFW: Katty Xiomara at Nolcha Fashion Week

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This time, I had an evening show, so I could get washed up and ready at my leisure. Which meant that I was just late enough to get a front row seat. Yes. Sassy sat front row. Hello!


Yes, again it was so hot that it was like walking through pea soup going anywhere. I grabbed bucket hat (an essential- do not underestimate the bucket, ok?), and threw on a little cotton blouse from Harve Benard (thrifted) and my fave floral trousers (January clearance 2011). The necklace is super special- the Ariel charm necklace courtesy of ShopJacquelineRose.com.


My bag? The canvas stowaway tote from Life is good. No, it’s not Marc Jacobs, or Louis Vuitton- but it’s the bag I love. It has pockets for days, and I wear it everywhere. Also- please check the wrist action: red jade Tunisian neroli fragrance bracelet from Lisa Hoffman Beauty, turquoise horn bracelet  & green oasis bracelet from ShopJacquelineRose.com. What? I was pretty stylish in my own little way. Do it up!

I missed out on Katty Xiomara last season, so I made it a priority to see her show this time.

Sitting front row made a major difference, as I could just concentrate on the clothes without having other people’s phones, cameras, and ipads stuck in my face. Nice!

PBN_3647 PBN_3682 PBN_3728

These pieces were really sweet. Ethereal, feminine, and delicate. They made me think of Elle Fanning. The comparison just popped into my head.

PBN_3847 PBN_3916 PBN_3941

I loved the next wave of pieces, a really soft take on pattern mixing and patchwork. Nicely done.

PBN_3979 PBN_4111 PBN_4146

Aline trapeze dresses- a nod to the 90s uncomplicated dressing, great with flats, uncomplicated and clean.

PBN_4174This dress floated by on its own, the lightness of the fabric, the wonderful cut of the skirt- this is every giel’s dream of a spring dress.

PBN_4579PBN_4223  PBN_4608

Xioamara’s take on strong color and graphic black and white had high pints, and for me these were the best pieces of that section of the show. Wearable, easy, fun, and casually chic. This is what you need to survive a heatwave stylishly!

This was unexplainable and unfortunate:


It was a collab between Xioamara and Otterbox, using cell phoe shields? I feel like she didn’t really push herself to integrate the materials into a real outfit or wearable piece. Basically, you can cut those strings of clacking plastic parts off and forget about them. I think the skirt could have been covered in the plastic cards to create a shining carapace. Or sewn onto the jacket in a checkerboard pattern that alternated the plastic and the cloth.

I’m just sayin’- don’t waste people’s materials or feel yourself above the materials available. There is always a way to make it really amazing.


*All runway photos courtesy of Nolcha Fashion Week

Next time? backstage at Art Hearts Fashion Show to watch Red Door Spas amazing hair/makeup/and nail team prep the models for their amazing show!

xoxo, Faith/SassyEthnicBohemian

MBFW: Son Jung Wan’s ss2015 collection features…boys?

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I checked the schedule and realized that in addition to running around crazy cooking for a tiny dinner party, I had a show to go to! My first invitation to see Son Jung Wan’s stellar work, after being invited to a small viewing of her aw2014 collection when she launched  her e-commerce site earlier this year (read that story here). I was kind of running around in circles, so I only halfway glued myself together, no makeup and it was so hot that I started sweating as soon as I left my building. However?


I wore my fave chambray shirt, a tank top, my Grafton glasses from the Kensington Road Collection (thanks Glasses.com!) and this awsome shoulder dusting Jeremiel earring from www.ShopJacquelineRose.com. I was dying of heat, and never took a full selfie that day. Oh well.

Son Jung Wan showed a line that ‘balanced yin and yang’. Instead of just women’s RTW, she was also showing a matching men’s collection concurrently. Her inspirations seemed to be sand, surf, and night skies. Let’s take a look:

SJW SS15_0005 SJW SS15_0019 SJW SS15_0021

These outfits remind me of sunny days deepening towards evening, the waves curling on golden sand. Even the swaths of deep amethyst remind me of the sunset hour, when the sky is a chiarusco of reds and violets. It’s a bit passionate, right?

SJW SS15_0008 SJW SS15_0010 SJW SS15_0011

My only complain is that the colors are a tad too deep. It seems a bit much for spring summer, a bit too draggy, too dark and heavy.

SJW SS15_0025 SJW SS15_0026 SJW SS15_0028

i admit to liking these more ‘traditional’ styles for summer- loose, unconstructed shifts that can be worn with sneakers or biker boots for a little city edge. I kind of just love these…

SJW SS15_0032 SJW SS15_0037 SJW SS15_0039

Gold is happening for next spring, why fight it? Worse things can happen to you than being gilded in the rays of the sun. I am especially partial to the deep v-necked leather sheath in the center. No stress hot dress! Love it.

SJW SS15_0002

I adore this- a slinky take on that pesky 90s trend ‘dress over pants’- but sexy.


All in all, a great showing for Sun Jung Wan! her fan Kelly Rutherford seems to think so, too!

Until next time, when we discuss the Katty Xiomara show at NOLCHA Fashion Week.

*All runway photos by Rodin Banica

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity (and fashion)

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Hmmm- I had mixed feelings on this one, but jumped in anyway. My mixed feelings come from this feeling a bit high-handed, so let me tell you what I think… Humanity? To me it’s anything on two legs. with cute clothing, lol! Humanity is being alive, and happy. It’s having and giving love. It’s seeing outside of your boundaries and having whatever is on the other side see you back.


We’re all angels inside- even if the outer packaging is different.

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

MBFW: Desigual ss2015- get HAPPY! (and check out Adriana Lima)

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It’s Fashion Week! AAAAAHHHHH!!!! That’s the feeling. I was calm until the day of my first show, which is when I remembered gaining 15 pounds of baking weight since June. What am I going to wear? And how fast can I get dressed, since I had regular person stuff to do before the show?

Desigual - Front Row - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2015

I managed to get there just in time to hustle into my seat, flying past Rosario Dawson, Camille Rowe, Poppy Delevingne and Olivia Palermo attend the Desigual fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2015 (photo courtesy of Getty Images & Deborah Hughes Inc).


After much pulling, tugging, and throwing of clothes on the floor I found this wonderfully forgiving, silky  striped dress from Daisy Fuentes for Kohl’s. Not only did it fit? It had pockets! I wore my new Buddha mala for serenity necklace from Jacqueline Rose jewelry, as well as her green oasis bracelet and Illumination handchain. My jade and silver Lisa Hoffman Beauty fragrance bracelet (clary sage scent) was popped on as well- I kind of wear it every day now.

Superstar Victoria’s Secret Angel opened the show with an adorable Hawaiian print top, and an equally adorable floral crown. So SxSW, right?

Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2015

 That happy mood continued as models came bouncing out wearing the type of loose, breezy separates that anyone who has just gone through a massive heatwave can appreciate:

Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2015 Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2015 Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2015

The “Say Something Nice’ collection for ss2015 is ‘inspired by nature’s flora and fauna… A cool Mediterranean spirit is combined with South-American motifs…’, in short- hang loose everyone! Relax!

Of course black and white made a strong showing, with intricately patterned dresses that held prismic splashes of color:

Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2015 Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2015 Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2015

Of course- the wonder color orange made an appearance. Woven into bold jungle patterns and splashed across flowing maxi dresses and flippy minis. Orange is that color that looks new every time you see it, so why not make it color of the season- a lot…

Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2015Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2015 Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2015

Don’t worry, though- next spring Desigual is unleashing the full rainbow on you! Primary colors like yellow and a powerful electric blue were also well represented:

Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2015 Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2015 Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2015

It’s all about being free, and letting the cool breezes flow through you. Co-designed by Christian Lacroix, ss2015 is declared the season of ‘Happy casual’. As usual in Desigual land- la vida es chula, and the clothes are all saying something nice.

*Runway photos courtesy of Desigual and Deborah Hughes Inc*

Next time? Son Jung Wan’s ss2015 collection!

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian