The Sassy Holiday Gift Guide continues! Today’s topic? Skincare gifts

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We take our skincare seriously. Your skin is the base for every look you’ve got, so why neglect it? Here are some fabulous ways to share the skincare love this Holiday Season (or just ways to #treatyoself).



I love this Equitance Skin Care Trial Kit ($37)! You get a little bit of everything, so that  you can see if it works before investing in the full size versions. The kit includes Brightening Foaming Cleanser, Brightening Toning Lotion, Brightening Serum and Spot Corrector, Hydrating Brightening CreamSunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF36, and Skin Radiance Dietary Supplement tablets.



I love this festive packaging from Jurlique’s Youth Defence Favourites ($100). the Glowing red outer band slides off to reveal a padded box that holds the products. I just think this is so sweet and pretty. skincare2

Inside, you’ll find the Balancing Day Cream, Herbal Recovery Antioxidant Gel Mask, Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum. Sounds like a sweet pampering spa day to me…

Acne Treatments:


Sometimes, you just have to admit that your skin isn’t at it’s best and address it. Quickly. Bullet Acne Aid ($7.95) is perfect for those little breakouts. It treats each pimple with ingredients that are natural and body friendly- and it works.  Shea Moisture Black Soap Acne Prone Face & Body Bar ($3.99) helps to balance your skin for a better complexion. Clarity MD Acne Solution ($49.95) treats problem acne with a medical grade products that get rid of acne quickly and painlessly.

 Kahina Giving Beauty:skincare3

Kahina Giving Beauty, founded by Katharine L’Heureux, offers sustainably produced argan oil based beauty products. Not only do these products empower the berber women who extract the oil, they actually work. Try giving (or giving yourself) the Kahina Travel Basics ($85) package containing facial cleanser, facial lotion, and their incredible Argan oil. You can get a sweet carry pouch to gift it in like this one from  Jadetribe on Accompany, the ethically curated shopping site.

Red Door Spa


Red Door is a super special favorite of mine after trying their amazingly luxurious products this summer. I think anyone would appreciate a Red Door Spa Package, and if you’re short on time you can peruse their website and send an egift.

CELEBRATION OF BEAUTY – Price $215 (Value $236)

  • Signature Massage (50 min) or Signature Facial
  • Warm Cream Manicure
  • Warm Cream Pedicure
  • Makeup Refresher

CELEBRATION OF SPIRIT – Price $395 (Value $425)

  • Signature Massage (50 min)
  • Signature Facial
  • Milk & Honey Manicure
  • Warm Cream Pedicure
  • Makeup Refresher
  • Spa Lunch

ULTIMATE CELEBRATION – Price $552 (Value $602)

  • Oxygen Infusion Facial
  • Hot Stone Massage (50 min)
  • Milk & Honey Manicure
  • Milk & Honey Pedicure
  • Enriching Hair & Scalp Massage
  • Shampoo, Blowdry and Finish
  • Makeup Refresher
  • Spa Lunch

Red Door Spa Gift Card

  • With every $100 purchase, guests get a complimentary $15 spa card, with every $200 gift card purchase, guests receive a complimentary $30 spa card and with every $300 purchase, guests receive a $45 spa card

Next up: the Sassy Holiday Gift Guide does Makeup!

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

in which i go drop off presents, run to the Carlton Hotel, and see Corporate Catwalk at the X by Trollbeads event

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So last Thursday was another marathon day for this stay at home blogger. I had made some goodies for my former intern boss Janine Just, and then had to run to a last minute event invite where I was meeting ‘that guy‘ and then go on to the Trollbeads store for an X by Trollbeads celebration.

It’s nice to feel wanted.


So first, I got a packed homemade candy, pecan turtle cookies, and one bowl of lemon pudding cake (so hard to part with that) in a Pinch Me box and got ready to drop it off at the Alley for my old internship crew. Why? Cuz they invite me places like CC Pop. Ya gotta show love to your pr people. Blogger’s best friends!

I dropped that off, and ran for the next event.


Just to backtrack a little- before I ran out I did a 5 minute mani with my Probelle nail lacquer. Two quick coats of love me, then vivid night on my uh ‘accent finger’ with a quick brush or titchy overcoat from butter LONDON.  I wore my usual layers, it was cold, adding my Nikki Poulos dress from my 1st Anniversary fete at Caravan Stylist Studio- because I was headed over to the Carlton Hotel for their holiday party featuring a  holiday bazaar in the Carlton Hotel lobby.


Got my photo taken while sampling some Volvic water, so that was fun.


As a guest of Bullet Acne Aid, we enjoyed La Marca Prosecco, got our photo taken in the Tic Tac lounge, got bags full of goodies, and then we strolled through the lobby looking at what was on sale.


i would like to take a moment to mention these pigs in a blanket with mustard sauce. I had 5 while that guy lingered by the cheese table. Then we had some So Delicious dairy free frozen treats.  Ten I had another pig in a blanket, because they rule.


Then we walked through the gently falling New York snow as strangers bumped into us repeatedly. It was so amazingly romantic. We were grateful for the warmth, prosecco and cookies at the X by Trollbeads event. At their store, nestled on 6th Avenue near 38th, guests were met by Olivia Jeanette of Corporate Catwalk, who showed off the X by Trollbeads Collection.


We hung out and looked at beads, mingling with guests like Nicky Dror of Four Eleven blog. I got to see the manager, Kim, who was super enthusiastic about the fact that Trollbeads might be adding another store soon.


After all that excitement, I went home to poke through my haul. I had bottles of Elderflower presse from Belvoir Farms, Simple products for sensitive skin, Zoya nail polish, Cottonelle cleansing cloths, and lots of Tic Tacs. I ate all my NA fruit snacks on the train home, and my friend gave me a bottle of wine for Christmas, which was nice. We’ve only known each other since August, so it’s not like I deserve a ring or anything.


Then I wiped off my ‘no makeup’ makeup look (which involves every product in the bathroom) and made myself a dinner of striped bass, spinach, and roasted breadfruit.

Next up: the time I went to the MacDella Cooper Foundation‘s Ebola Benefit

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

Newsbreak: News from Aveda, Warby Parker…and brush on sunblock?

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Yay! New stuff!



Aveda, the organic skin/hair/makeup colossus has unleashed a new flavor of romance for our winter faces. The Romantic Grandeur collection features smoldering aubergine and gold eyeshadowsthat glide on and look fabulous on any skin tone. Ins pired by the colors of the rising and setting sun (times when the light hits our atmosphere in streaks of bold hue) to create a ‘beautifully modernized vintage vibe’. Whoa.

Wintery pastels blended, smudged and melded with richer tones are positively magical and a favorite this season,” explains Janell Geason,Aveda Global Artistic Director, Makeup, I was inspired by how things change with the passage of time—how they can start out with a strong shape that can later turn hazy,” Geason says. “For example, a piece of fabric might fray at the edges, or paint will take on a different color and texture as you chip it away; metal may develop a deep patina.’’

I cannot argue with that. To create their Red Lotus look see the instructions below:

unnamed (1)

2 Prep the lids, and apply petal essence™ single eye color in allspice (inspired by the pantone color of the year- Masala) from the top lash lines to the brows using the eye contour brush. Lightly apply the same shade along the bottom lash lines using the medium eye color brush.
3 Apply petal essence™ single eye color in golden cypress to the center of the lids using the medium eye color brush. Apply the same shade along the bottom lash lines.
4 Apply petal essence™ single in ivory lotus to the brow bones using the medium eye color brush.

5 Curl the lashes, and apply mosscara™ in earth to the top and bottom lashes.
6 Contour the cheeks by applying petal essence™ face accents in tesserae using the
blush brush.
7 Highlight the cheekbones by applying petal essence™ single eye color in ivory lotus
using the eye contour brush.
8 Prep the lips. Line and fill in the lips with nourish-mint™ lip liner in fire maple.
9 Apply nourish-mint™ smoothing lip color in goji berry as a stain.
10 Apply nourish-mint™ rehydrating lip glaze in mangosteen to the center of the lips.

 Urban Beauty UnitediWebDJ_PopUp_V2b

Who cares if the DJ is a boy or a girl? Looks like Urban beauty United and  Harley Viera-Newton do. They’ve created the All Girls on Deck . They believe that all girls have the right to follow their dreams. If you’e think you have the talent, you can jump on their online mixing board and create your own 4-8 minute sound flow to express Urban Beauty before December 31st and you’ll be entered into their  contest to win!

UBU is giving aspiring DJ’s a chance to win a photo shoot with Top Female DJ, Harley Viera-Newton, the ultimate DJ Starter Kit and the full set of UBU Beauty Tools. Simply get on the mixer and create a tune that you feel expresses Urban Beauty! Harley Viera-Newton will be judging the entries with the final 5 that make it through being put to the public vote. Create your mix here.

Good luck!

 Brush on Block:

13321SH_c10 003mineral_sunscreen_refill_large

The new Brussh on Block is the way to keep from burning in the winter. The sun reflects off of the snow  snow and ice reflect UV rays AND in the winter there is a thinner ozone layer, so you’re just as susceptible to burning and sun damage as in the summer. Brush on Block is a mineral-based sunscreen suitable for the entire family with it’s non-irritating, and water resistant properties.  Formulated with active sunscreen ingredients of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide as well as Green Tea Leaf Extract to provide full-coverage and invisible sun protection, while soothing and replenishing exposed skin.

 Warby Parker: concentric1

This month eyewear retailer Warby Parker released the limited edition Concentric Collection. The glasses feature a contrasting ring of color pressed into the frames srruounding the lens, achived through an exclusive friction process that presses the colors together. there are three new styles of frames: the Benchley, Murphy, and Everly, along with a new color- Whistler Grey. pair them with every favorite in your wardrobe!

 The Haiku Guys: haiku

Ever want your own personal Haiku? Jump on into the Haiku Duel (The Third) this Friday night at Flavorpill. get your tickets right here.

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

Sassy Holiday Gift Guide- Fragrance (wear it, spray it, rub it on- oh nooooo! )

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OK- FINALLY!!! The first installment of the Sassy Holiday Guide is here! Relief, right? You haven’t shopped yet, right?

I know.

The first category we’re going to explore is fragrance. It’s a pretty personal present since it sits right on the skin, and of all our senses smell is the most sensual. I got some amazing goodies to talk about for Christmas 2014!

Lisa Hoffman Beauty:


This is a twofer thing. If you know someone who loves fragrance, but has sensitive skin- solve the problem by gifting them fragrance jewelry. For Christmas the Lisa Hoffman Beauty company created a golden link chain style bracelet that can be worn with or without the sparkly pendant. This bracelet also comes with 6 fragrances to mix and match as the wearer pleases ($65).

Or, indulge in their newest scent Brazilian Begonia. You have two choices on how to wear the citrusy floral with hints of sandalwood- a laid back sodalite bead bracelet with gold spacers and pendant that you can fill with fragrance beads ($75), or a triple strand dazzler made of faceted rondelle beads with a silvertone fragrance pendant ($50).

Kat Burki:


I’m new to Kat Burki, so excuse me for bubbling over with joy at finding such a light, feminine fragrance with staying power. A light spritz of the eau de toilette ($48) and you’re floating in a garden filled with lilac, roses, jasmine, rosemary, and subtle hints of pine needles, fresh citrus, and amber. Layer the scent with the Lilac & Rosemary Private Collection soap ($15) in the shower,  and moisturize with the matching body cream ($62). Delicious.

 Anna Sui:



Not a scent for the meek…or maybe it is? A bold fragrance fruity floral (it’s actually lavender, which you can see through the carved roses  of the bottle- so romantic!) La Vie de Boheme shimmers with notes of Turkish rose and sparkling pear and dragon fruit. This boxed set includes the matching shower gel/bubble bath and satiny body lotion all in a gorgeously colorful limited edition box. You can actually use the red lacquered bottom as a display box on your dresser or vanity ($65)



This is a sweet hostess gift. The REpurposing NOLA Hot Mess Holiday Gift Set includes handmade Christmas stocking, along with fragrant hand soap, hand lotion, and candle- keep that bathroom smelling right. the warm, comforting scent infused in the soy candle actually relaxes you and induces sleep. And you can use the cap of the tin to extingush it just before you lie down to a blissful slumber. ($49.95)

More Sassy Holiday Gift Guide coming soon!

Next up: the Caravan Stylist Studio Holiday Market/x by Trollbeads event with Corporate Catwalk

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

3 months of deliveries equals one sassy holiday gift guide

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I started begging for samples way bag in August. Why? because the early bird gets the worm and I wanted to have the best gift guide (and also have it done by December 1st). Little did I know that I was setting an avalanche in motion. And I was STILL gonna be late.



IMG_1414184915955 IMG_1414518395507 IMG_1414597593616 PROBELLE1

It started with the Lisa Hoffman Brazilian Begonia fragrance bracelet, then a whole package from REPurposing NOLA complete with Christmas stocking, some Bullet Acne Aid, Rozge Cosmeceuticals donated lipgloss, and Probelle Beauty sent over their nail polish bundle #3- 4 colors plus top coat sealer. A good start!


IMG_20141118_114042_985 IMG_20141119_154028_035 IMG_20141119_154322_283 IMG_20141126_131928_469 IMG_20141126_132254_883 IMG_1415204904512

IMG_1415247460049 IMG_1415898174551 IMG_1416596268440 IMG_1416615884320 IMG_1417030672519 IMG_1417286076258

The next month, a lot more trickled in- even more than what you see here. Stuff from Accompany, Urban Beauty United, Anna Sui, Artistic Revolution in Time and Street People Atelier, REPurposingNOLA’s Hot Mess package (just buy it- $49.95, so worth it), two gorgeous Christmas bling fragrance bracelets from Lisa Hoffman, the Equitance Brightening kit (even has vitamins), A suite of Lilac & Rosemary products from Kat Burki, Wabi Sabi EFC tshirt, origins body souffle and votive candle trios, butterLONDON Cutup Collection and Colour Hardware Nail Art Kit $30 (present alert), and a secret box of goodies from my friends at Pinch Me. It was starting to look a lot like Christmas…



IMG_20141208_140240_140 IMG_20141208_140506_250 IMG_20141208_140932_096 IMG_1417809516424

December was the last hurrah with the Xtreme Lashes Glideline Ready to Wear Collection Gift Set $40 (present alert), some gorgeous Natori candles- actually a gift to me!, an awesome tshirt from Citizen Ciao and these city chic Cuttler sneakers from SUPRA.

So how to choose what goes in the Sassy Holiday Gift Guide? This time around I decided that the theme was treat the lady in your life. Whether that be your mom, sister, girlfriend or self. Set your sights on something fun and get it. Then give it- or keep it. It’s all one. A present is a moment where you’re present to give or receive, it almost doesn’t matter what it is.

Next up- the first installment of the Sassy Holiday Gift Guide- a fragrant beginning…

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

in which i go the Paul Drish luxury footwear launch and see Style Society Guy

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So believe it or not? This is the same day that we got the SK-II skincare consultaion with Steven Jan. The same day that we went to the Josie Natori Holiday Bash hosted by Olivia from Corporate Catwalk. Yes- I went to THREE places in one day. So basically I’m still wearing the SAME THING.

pd1   So earlier that day, knowing that I would be running the streets for hours, I got dressed in these items. Brown velvet blazer, orange Madewell sweater, Calvin Klein animal print short sleeved sweater, Dittos Charli jeans, and my Corrine boots from Cat Footwear. Accessories were my $5 paisly ‘pashmina’ from a street table, leather Trollbeads bracelet, green oasis bracelet from ShopJacquelineRose, and my gold link Lisa Hoffman fragrance bracelet with sparkly detachable pendant (present alert!).  pd2  I got there late, so the booze had been flowing and the eatables were mauled. Don’t let people tell you that people in fashion don’t eat. Put out some mini-cupcakes and back away quickly- they will run you down. Anyway. After gossipping with the adorable Tania Jen (who was on her way to another event) I grabbed some cheese and a whiskey and took a look at the Paul Drish shoe collection. pd3 All around us in the gorgeous Paul Drish loft were gorgeous leather shoes and boots  These are the Sebastien boot, made of Italian calve’s leather and lined with actual lamb fur inside. Seriously. I know they’re for guys, but still. pd4  The collection boasts 26 styles including the Noah Derbypd5  and the Ralph Oxford. The price points are $250- $400, and most of the shoes feature the signature Drish purple lining. Arveena, who has years of experience in the male-dominated (still, right?) field of high finance knows her shoes. She’s created a collection that takes a guy from weekend to power meeting- comfortably. pd6 Drish Shoes has been in business for the last 25 years and is one of the most important manufacturers and exporters of high-end leathers and leather shoes in India. Paul Drish is a spin-off company founded by Arveena Ahluwalia. She named it after her uncle Paul, who founded the parent company Drish Shoes, and added bags like the suede James tote ($225 present alert). pd7On my way out I caught up with one of my fave pr teams- Ashley Lutzker and Alyson Roy of AMP3PR, hung out with Jamal Jackson of Style Society Guy, and got a shoe maintenance kit from Paul Drish. And you guys know how I feel about shoes and shoe maintenance.

Then I went home and passed out.

Next up: 3 months of deliveries for the Sassy Holiday Gift Guide

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian


Weekly Photo Challenge: Twinkle

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In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Twinkle.”

The first Christmas in New York in 2009, was the best. I felt like a tourist after 12 years of roaming around America, living in different places. And like most tourists who come to New York- I went to Rockefeller Center. I had a new Nikon D3000 then, and I was bursting to get over there and record all the colored lights…

DSC_0043 DSC_0051 DSC_0041DSC_0072DSC_0067

Happy Christmas! Merry Holidays!

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian