in which i get ready for that big beauty roundup… or you know, 6 roundups

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The first thing I ever got free for blogging was Seventh Generation Firming Oil with Boabab. I didn’t win the contes that I entered, but it was a first step on the road to where I am today which is…


I started emailing people back in Auguts (a year after my Seventh Generation post coincidentally) but some people didn’t answer, some people sent stuff that led to requests for more stuff, then MBFW came, then right after that some big beauty events until my apartment was highjacked by products.


Skin, masks, hair, conditiiners, moisturizers, nails, top coat, polish, eyeliner, eye gel, Mary Kay, Aveda, Origins, fragrance… we are about to go IN, people.

the roundup

I got shampoo and conditioner from this company called Uberliss, temporary hair chalks from Wicked Crown, Lipo Lotion from Measurable Difference, and you guys already know about the Red Door Spas shipments. I have been using, playing, experimenting and testing my way through all of this stuff.


 I tested products  in the bath, just hanging out in the tub for hours. It’s a hard job, but- I wasn’t afraid. rndp7

And while it’s kind of a dream to wade through all of this stuff, smoothing, conditioning, scrubbing, painting and pampering- I took it really seriously. So basically there are 6 parts, dealing with each genre of product:

1. Masks

2. Skincare

3. Haircare

4. Nails

5. Makeup/Self-Tanning

6. Fragrance

I tested it, so you don’t have to.

Stay tuned! maska are coming!

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemnian

Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art

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Soooo, I might be cheating a little on this one. Because This image actually WAS a cover:


I was working at Border’s Books on Diversey in Chicago. One night I went to a bar with some co-workers and shot this photo. I had already been featured in After Hours the year before, but once published you get all hungry for more, so… I submitted it, thinking I’d get another tear sheet and bing! I got the cover.



This was supposed to be the cover of my website from school, the same era. I was a very strange little person, lol!


This is a piece that I designed that was never published… I love it so much. I got this shot after wheelding my way onto a balcony in Humboldt Park. the Light was perfect, theer was no one around but ut, and my model, Hope Livonne, was a pleasure to work with. Sigh… This was a vintage dress loaned to me by my landlord. His mother actually got married in it. I wish it was on the cover of Brides magazine.



TBT: remember when the Limelight opened a new location at the South Street Seaport?

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So sometimes you go to do a post and realize that you haven’t edited anything and therefore…HAVE NO POST.

What do you do? Well, I ransacked my external hard drive because I couldn’t believe that this had happened. How could I have nothing to post? Oh, because a certain person has been taking her own sweet time shooting beauty products and whatnot. That’s how.

So I ransacked and search and found one little folder all by itself, forgotten since July. Thank goodness- the blog is saved!

Here’s what happened- I got invited to go to the opening of the Limelight Stores, which reminded me of some certain scenes back in the day. Yes, I used to go to the Limelight. First as an underaged teen with artsy grownup friends, and later as a Miss Kitty Girl (I sold cigarettes and candy in nightclubs. there was a tutu involved. Let’s not speak of this again.)


The last time I went to the Limelight it was bright afternoon and the place had been turned into a janky looking shopping mall. There was good merchandise, but it wasn’t presented in a way that looked appetizing. I mean, the place was all white, boring displays. Sigh. Nothing like the palace of decadence and sin that had taken over an old de-consecrated church and fueled the dreams of night owls and club kids around the world.

Their new location, which opened in July, is more clublike than the actual club location.


Nice invites! I love the rose window logo. Welcome to the Limelight Shops.


The invitation came from my former internship company, Janine Just Inc. Oh how I miss those days of eating free Sexy Pop Popcorn!



Nice. After all the horror of Hurricane Sandy, a store opening is a cause to celebrate not just the opportunity to shop, but the resilience of New York. South Street Seaport is actually a historic neighborhood, I used to give tours on the ships there back in high school. It’s really funny and cool to see all these  parts of my personal history come together in this shop. Birth, death, Limelight- right? Maybe.


If you’re looking for Havaianas, the funky Brazilian flip flop brand, look no further. Whether you’re off for a winter vacay, or going to the gym, or hanging out at your spacious indoor pool you need some of these to keep your feet happy.  Oh , look- they have hats, too!


This is what went down at the opening back in July:

“Attendees sipped drinks by Maestro Dobel (one tequila, two tequila, three tequila… Floor), enjoyed savory bites by BeeHive Oven and desserts by Vendome Macaron, all while rocking out to throwback beats by DJ Rich Kid. Guests were also treated with activations from Hit eCigs and eCigars, free embellishment on Havaiana Flip Flops, and were even able to print their Instagrams on the spot for an “Insta-Photo.”


Those that were privy to VIP access nibbled on Malaysian bites by Mamak and snacked on SexyPop Popcorn in the private garden space.



At the end of the evening, guests flipped their entrance ticket over to find their raffle number. Lucky winners received gifts from Palladium Boots, BCBG, Yankee Candle, Ben Sherman, Vera Bradley, and Lacoste. Everyone walked away with an awesome swag bag filled with products and discount cards from Eva NYC, Merrell, R.L. Linden and Co, Havaianas, Lacoste, and Stance.”

So there you have it. I mean it’s late, but whatever.

If you’re  in NY go check out the new Limelight NYC shop at 203 Front Street or go hang around the original location at 656 Avenue of the Americas.

Up Next: Let’s talk about masks! (I got some amazing ones since we did Spring Cleaning)

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian



Dating Diary: #StreetArtbyPerrier, Central Park, and Scott Ian at The Strand Bookstore

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Not to be all ‘SATC’ about it, because there will be no kissing and telling, but the dating thing…is going fairly well. It’s slow and steady. It’s more like Seinfeld than anything- nothing big happens. It’s awesome.

One week, he just came over, I made dinner, we talked a lot, and that was it. And it was enough.

1 perrier date

Ok, we did have one big spectacle date. We went to the #StreetArtbyPerrier event together, because it happened to coincide with his day off. You can see how that went here. also, I wanted to dazzle him with my ‘glamorous’ blogging career, so he doesn’t think I just sit home all day playing with makeup.


The next time we hung out, I made falafel omelets. They were so good! And cornbread muffins with golden raisins, fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, and the condiments were mango chutney and vietnamese chili garlic sauce. The salad is just iceberg lettuce, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and feta cheese. then I quickly toasted pita bread in the frying pan and ripped it into pieces as a garnish. So tasty. that sauce? Yogurt + sour cream, with dried dill. You just let it sit for an hour before you use it. Simple.


Thus fortified, we set out for Central Park. I have noticed that I tend to co-ordinate my outfits to his. This time I went woodsy, with  my fave long cardigan belted with my LL Bean signature 3/4 leather belt in guide gold. Under this I wore that  blue and yellow Brooklyn tshirt that I got at rainbow, an enamel Desigual necklace, and my ugly plaid skirt that I found thrifting, and my Beautifeel oxfords- no laces. I know, It’s not sexy- but I’m not trying to be a sex symbol. I want to be liked for myself.


We were supposed to go the the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but we’re both kind of lazy, so we ended up getting to Central Park at that golden hour when everything is beautiful- but it’s too late to go to the museum. So we just wandered around talking, and looking at how amazing Central Park can be in the fall. It’s that moment when you really get how New York can be the ‘extra character’ in movies. It was magical.


Central Park was awash in tutus for some reason. We wandered from Belvedere Castle then over to Bethesda Fountain. As we walked, someone was singing opera and there was a real ballerina really dancing in actual toe shoes. Like, how? Does this happen? It was really truly like being in a rom-com. There was even a photo shoot going on- looked like bridal.

Needless to say, that date ended in a plan for another one.


He works late, and I live near his job, so at this point- since we are both sleepaholics who don’t get up til afternoon, he just camps out at my place and we go out from there. This is me painting my nails with the awesome Probelle beauty Bundle #3. 3 gorgeous nail colors and a ‘wet look’ topcoat that seals the polish perfectly. and yeah, that’s my green oasis bracelet. And this is me, after moisturizing my natural hair with Ojon Rare Blend Conditioning Shampoo. It was late, so I just wore my fave mohair sweater and jeans. A tiny little bit of gold shimmer powder from Ulta on the eyelids and a tiny hit of Mary Kay lash Love mascara, and some Origins Drink Up lip balm.

As you can see- I need a nap. but whatever, it was worth it. stranddate2

I made a sort of Spanish late night dinner with black bean soup and a plate of manchego cheese stuffed medjool dates and roasted almonds with bacon bits. Why? because it’s fun to see his face when I serve up something unexpected. We’re both on the artistic people’s budget (he moved here to work in film) so being resourceful with food is a way to lessen the pressure of dating. stranddate3

After talking for 5 hours, we finally fell asleep, and the next day we had ramen soup for lunch. Which is surprising easy to do. Just check out Then we took off for Manhattan for our big adventure. stranddate4

As uaual, I picked up on his color scheme and ran with it. I did a blue 3/4 sleeve cableknit cardigan that I got at Marshall’s when I worked there, a white basic H&M $5 v neck tshirt, and my Life is good novella skirt. It was still hot so I wore my Cat Footwear Zosia sandals. The accessories were my Desigual paisley clutch with braided leather strap from MBFW, my Hechizo khamra clasp necklace (love),  green oasis bracelet, and of course- my nerdchic Kensington Road Collection frames from Ready, coordinated, and off to meet rockstars.


In our usual leisurely fashion, we set out from the hinterlands of East Flatbush to go to the fabled Strand Bookstore for an in-store event. Scott Ian from Anthrax was going to be talking about his new book, I’m the Man, and there was going to be free Pork Slap pale ale. YES. This really happened. We showed up and there was just 20 minutes left, but it was an amazing 20 minutes.


Actual rare books in the Rare Book Room at the Strand Bookstore. Isn’t it wild? We were in a room with a book written by Byron and published in 1819. And then I took a photo of it with my 2014 cameraphone. Check this inscribed flyleaf- now you know that the stuff you see on The Strand Tumblr is real.


Then we spent the next hour or so rooting around for books. It took me awhile- I mean, The Barbie Doll Boom was calling my name- but I ended up getting a copy of The Mill on the Floss by George Eliot for .52. yeah, high end literature for half a buck. You have to love the Strand and New York.



This is Scott Ian, the person who made on of my favorite tracks ever- the Anthrax/Public Enemy duet of Bring the Noise. If you have some money, go buy his book- they may even have some signed copies left at the Strand (but you prob won’t get any beer).


I love dating. We’re making these incredible memories together, you know? I hope this lasts forever.

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

(I haven’t decided on the next post yet- so hang loose, ok?I’m still editing)




in which i go to the Beauty 20 Awards dressed like a grownup

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How do you know you’re making progress in blogland? The level of your invitations goes up, and your goody bag gets heavier.

Well, ok maybe that’s just me.

But here’s the thing- one invitation can only lead to another. I won a trip to Sniffapalooza, which led me to Beautypress, which got me to Spotlight Day, which landed me squarely at The Beauty 20 Awards.

I just had to dress like someonme who had some sense for a change.


Luckily? I had just gotten some dry cleaning done. I ripped open that plastic and suddenly had a ladylike outfit- that just happened to have all the color of a rainbow.

In order to be presentable, I clothed myself in an Escada jacket with velvet lapels and pocket flaps, a white button down shirt and A-line skirt with front pleat and slit pockets from Ann Taylorn and the appropriate footwear in the form of black (freshly polished) Franco Sarto heels. My Grafton frames from and my ShopJacquelineRose black buddha mala necklace (stands for prosperity) rounded out my disguise.

I mean outfit. Ahem. I sprayed on some Joy Forever, because being a lady isn’t just about your clothing.


Located in the lovely 404 Space in Mid-town manhattan, the first floor featured tables where the creme of the beauty industry chatted and networked. Everyone received a glossy box and a copy of New Beauty magazine upon check-in. Then it was upstairs to survey the buffet. I put down my jacket, glossy box and my ParMana Designs Dream Awake shoulder bag to load up on  Mediteranean style olive salad and feta cheese, and the most delicious salted caramel ice cream.



With a deliciously earthy glass of red wine, I settled in to snack and observe. And to open my first Glossy Box ever. Now I know what the fuss was about-  I got shampoo and conditioner from Uberliss, a highlighting creme from Kryolan, moisturizer from Eslor, and glittery nail polish from SpaRitual. Imean- hello?!?!?!:? Thank you sir, can I have another?

the only problem was that when the awards started, I was still eating, sipping wine, and looking through my copy of New Beauty. So I stayed on the mezzanine, and got comfortable. It was kind of like being the only VIP. Or a leper, but I like to look on the bright side.


Arent these gorgeous? Every winner gets one of these and is allowed a 5 word acceptance speech. Startedin Paris by InnoCos Events in 2013, the Beauty 20 Awards are all about how our beauty companies are serving their customers and audiences vi 21st century technology. It’s a brand new day in beauty, and just handing out lipsticks at counters isn’t enough. Customers have to be engaged, and these winners are the best in the game.

*photo courtesy of beauty 20

I linked the winners to their winning social media accounts:

#beauty20 2014 Winners (New York)

Best Twitter: OPI Products
Best Facebook: ULTA Beauty
Best Pinterest: OPI Products
Best Instagram: OPI Products
Best App: Mary Kay
Best Online Video: Dove: Patches
Best e-Commerce Website: Mary Kay
Best Beauty Startup: Birchbox
Best Technology Startup: Dollar Shave Club
Best Beauty Brand Online: Aveda


When the awards were over (on schedule I might add) I was given another bag as a souvenir. I couldn’t even wait to get it home- I started rummaging through it on the train. They gave everyone the limited edition Net-A-Porter Glossy Box which had samples from Klorane, RGB cuticle oil, Ellis Faas‘s gorgeously lethal mascara, Kevyn Aucoin eyeshadow… insane. I loved it.

It was definitely worth putting on heels- even if my heels self-destructed on my way to the event. I’d rather have to go to the shoemaker than have missed my first awards show.


Next up: Dating Diary! Perrier, central Park, and that time we saw Scott Ian at the Strand Bookstore…


xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian


in which i go to the #StreetArtbyPerrier event in Williamsburg and run into Style Society Guy

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So in one of those rare – but ever increasing- moments of sassy synchronicity, a blogger event fell on a datenight. But not just any blogger event- one of those events that makes regular people look at you sideways and go ‘Who ARE you?”.

Great timing , Perrier!

Along with my date Chase and I, tout le monde was invited down to Williamsburg to hang out in the Colossal  Paint Warehouse, drink Perrier, and celebrate street art from around the world. Artists Sasu (Japan), Edouardo Kobra (Brasil), and JonOne (US) each created an immersive environment that embodied their approach to the conundrum of how to interpret the Perrier taste and aesthetic through their own unique styles.


The opening was like one of those giant clubs from back in the day, like Danceteria or Palladium. So glam. Except it was early and Brooklyn. And there was food- crispy tomato rings, ribs, a little bamboo plate of salad, tiny bites that made you feel luxurious.


technically it wasn’t this dark, but you get the idea. Slideshows greeted you as you walked in, there was a Perrier step and repeat for photos, a chandelier made of perrier bottles (I want this- so bad), and pretty girls in Perrier green dresses to usher you to each activity. The first thing we did was light painting- They gave each a spray can with a lightbulb instead of a spraycap. Once you finish the mural? It disappears!


Then we wandered into the Kobra area, which was all white leather furniture and pinup girls in prismatic bodysuits and kaleidoscopic tights. This was actually a stage to get your photo taken, and they printed it right then for you.

1 perrier date See? I wore my asymetrical, layered ruffle cardigan in oatmeal ($10, thrifted), a long sleeved dove grey v-neck tshirt from Uniqlo, true shape jeans from LL bean, my fave laceless oxfords, and a $5 black & white patterned scarf I bought on the street. streetart4

JonOne’s are was all industrial art style, with crappy little paint splattered tv’s, big drums of used paint, lots of bottle of Perrier with his limited edition label…and the Chocolate Fountains. Why is this capitolised? because there were THREE CHOCOLATE FOUNTAINS. Tell me you wouldn’t get excited.


Under this gorgeous portrait of me (see the resemblance? No? Whatever), were three fountains elegantly gushing strawberry, orange, and white chocolate. You could dip marshmallows (my jam!), sugar cookies (my other jam!), and strawberries (Chases’ jam!). I was busy loafing up a marshmallow when I bumped into Jamal from Style Society Guy. Like, literally- I was trying to shove him away from the chocloate.

Um. yeah.

So anyway, we talked for a second because we have a pr lady in common, and we also both wear Cat Footwear (but he was in the catalog, so. Um. yeah.), and I was loving his nod to art with the Joe Fresh raincoat/artists smock. I got a pic of him and Chase looking manly in front of a Perrier sign. Men are the new black for 2015. You heard it here first.


Sated by chocolate (for the moment) it was on to the Sasu lounge and drinkies. Each artists had a signature cocktail, which incorporated Perrier. I tasted all of them. They were all delicious.


Sasu’s lounge featured wooden cutouts of her Georgia O’Keefe like flower paintings. It was kind of like a VIP lounge, because it was the smallest room of the group.  We hung out there for awhile then headed out. We met someone who handled the production of the event and he said that it took about two days of non-stop work to put everything together. can you imagine? they just worked their tails off to make a one night wonderland for us. streetart8

When I got home, funnily enough, I had a bag full of Perrier, a cute photo from the Kobra room, and some pretty striped paper straws. What did I do? made mocktails. The first one is  was a ginger lemon iced tea with Perrier- so refreshing. (Sweeten with honey instead of sugar.) The second one was for our next datenight. Blueberry Raspberry lemonade jazzed up with some Perrier. Very tasty. I guess you could add vodka or something if you were feeling frisky.


And, another example of great timing- I got a Dusen Dusen limited edition beach towel from Perrier! Nice.

Now we can have house picnics in the winter.

Next up: the Beauty 20 Awards!

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

Weekly Photo Challenge: Refraction

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Ok, I had to look through the archives, and I fiund this, which is a literal translation of the Weekly Photo Challenge on Refraction. At first I thought it was too boring, but then… I took it for some reason. One morning on the subway platform at Myrtle Avenue, I thought this was the most important  thing in the world and took a picture of it.

Sigh. Maybe I don’t really love it just because it’s Bushwick, lol!